I'm so excited to announce...

That after five years, the TDM series is getting a fresh new look thanks to upcoming special editions! These new covers will be revealed next month (along with another bit of exciting news, but #nospoilers!), and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to include bonus material in them. As part of that, I'm going to be writing new short stories--and I'd love to hear from you guys which ones you'd like to read most! 

Below, you'll find two options for The Darkest Minds to start with, and we'll be adding the options for Never Fade and In the Afterlight the following two Tuesdays. These choices are based on conversations I've had with readers of what they'd like to see, as well as the poll I held before writing Liam's Story (which you can read if you sign up for my newsletter). These will be substantial short stories--meaning not just short scenes or missing moment--and the options were selected with this in mind. 

The winning short stories will be revealed along with the new covers in July. (And, yes, Through the Dark will be available in paperback and will have its own very special bonus content!)

Happy voting!

Short story for IN THE AFTERLIGHT
Please select one of the two options you'd like to see included in the new edition of IN THE AFTERLIGHT