P R E - O R D E R   G I F T


** FYI: Walmart will have a special signed edition of the book that will have a chapter annotated by me. I'll add the link to the edition when it pops up online.

Hi guys! I'm so excited to share the pre-order gift for THE DARKEST LEGACY! If you order a copy of the book by July 17, 2018, you'll receive a pin of Zu! Because of my touring schedule these preorder gifts will likely ship at the end of July. Thank you for understanding--I do all of the mailing myself, so it can be a little slow-going. 


⚡️ You must provide proof of purchase and attach a screenshot or photo/scan of your receipt.

⚡️ You can purchase the book or e-book through ANY retailer, US/Canadian or international.

⚡️ If you are ordering for multiple people, please submit those preorders individually so I don't miss them.

⚡️ THE 150 PINS SET ASIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL READERS ARE NOW GONE! If you live outside of the United States, you can still submit your preorder receipt and receive a print and signed book plate. All international receipts submitted after 6/27 will receive the print and bookplate. Thank you! 

⚡️ Pins are available while supplies last! I will reserve a few for giveaways for those who cannot pre-order the book, I promise. 


Once again, I'll be partnering with Good Choice Reading for a virtual signing! Here's the deal: this is a great option for those of you who are looking for a book that's signed specifically to you! I honor special inscription requests, too, so don't be shy about asking if there's a quote you love or want to send a message to a friend

⚡️ Please note: if you pre-order a copy through GCR you will automatically receive the pin with your signed copy and you should NOT submit your receipt in the form below! ⚡️