The Darkest Minds Series Reading Order

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful start to their autumn! I’m keeping busy with preparations for my brother’s wedding next month and editing LORE, my upcoming YA that should hopefully be out Fall 2020/Winter 2021.

Out of curiosity (and, okay, procrastination on aforementioned edits), I was looking at my site analytics and noticed a big uptick in people searching for the series reading order for The Darkest Minds. That totally fits with the amount of questions I get about it on both Twitter and Instagram. I put up an Instagram highlight about it, but I realized it might be nice to have my recommended reading order available over here on my actual website.

Let me start off by saying that there is a ton of flexibility in this, and there’s no one right way to read the series! I’ve worked hard to make sure that all of the material outside of the main novels isn’t necessary to follow the main storyline—my goal with them was to highlight different areas of the TDM world and give you some “off camera” scenes, so to speak.


  1. The Darkest Minds

  2. In Time (novella in the Through the Dark bind-up)

  3. Liam’s mini novella (available for free by subscribing to my newsletter)

  4. Never Fade

  5. Liam’s Short Story (found in the new paperback edition of The Darkest Minds)

  6. Vida’s Short Story (found in the new paperback edition of Never Fade)

  7. Sparks Rise (novella in the Through the Dark bind-up)

  8. In the Afterlight

  9. Clancy’s Short Story (found in the new paperback edition of In the Afterlight)

  10. Beyond the Night (novella in the Through the Dark bind-up)

  11. The Darkest Legacy

When I say the “new paperback edition,” I mean the updated covers that were released in January 2018:


If you’ve seen something called The Rising Dark, that’s a digital bind-up of the short stories found in these editions that my UK publisher has released to UK readers only. My international publishers have all chosen to release these stories in different ways. Some have chosen to release the extras as digital-only or decided to bind up certain stories and not others. If you can’t find a story, or you’d like to see one of them translated and published, my recommendation is to directly contact the publisher for your language/country via social media or email.