The Target Exclusive Edition of Wayfarer

Hey all! Just stopping in to tell you that there will be an exclusive edition of WAYFARER available for purchase through Target! YAY! This edition is signed by moi (you may remember me signing thousands of these sheets) and will also come with a short story called Pathfinder, which is centered on a seventeen year old Rose Linden reconnecting with Henry Hemlock... aka Etta's dad, who you'll get to know in WAYFARER. I had a wonderful time writing their story and exploring who they were before everything fell apart. 💔  Just to be clear, this is a short story, rather than a deleted chapter or extra scene.

If you're interested, you can pre-order it using this link, or look for it in stores on January 3rd! And while we're on this topic, don't forget to submit your pre-order receipts for the swag giveaway. There are still a few slots open for the holiday card and print!