The One with Three Chapters

I'll make this short and sweet because yours truly is on deadline and having to write like a crazy person (seriously--you should see the state of my apartment).  We have less than 20 days(!!!!) until In the Afterlight hit shelves. To tide you over, my publisher has released the first three chapters for you to read. Chapter 1 was previously released with Sparks Rise, but the material in chapters 2 and 3 is all new. Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

And next Monday, my publisher will be releasing an all new trailer!

I suppose now is as good of a time as any to remind you guys that if you happen to find an early copy of the book floating around bookstores or libraries, please try to refrain from posting spoilers!  Please. It really mean a lot to me and I know your fellow readers will appreciate being surprised by some of the reveals in this book.