The One Rapidly Approaching Launch!!!

Hi all!  Sorry for the radio silence on my end. November was an incredibly busy month for me--I was traveling for at least half of it!  I went to NCTE-ALAN in Vegas for work and then hopped on a plane and headed home to Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  I always joke that I wear two different hats--"Author Alex" and "Work Alex"--and it's always a trip when I get the opportunity to switch them out repeatedly at conferences.  Hyperion was nice enough to let me do a signing while we were there, AND I got to attend a really fun dinner with educators and librarians.

#1 question I was asked: How OLD are you?

The other funny thing about this Las Vegas adventure (aside from being totally overwhelmed by the experience and smelling like the casino floor's deodorizer 24/7.  Seriously, that smell haunts my dreams) was that my mom, brother, and his best friend decided to drive over and spend a few nights there.  Not only did my mom finally get to see me working a convention booth, but she actually started working it, too.  I was selling books for an author signing and then all of a sudden I can hear her behind me going, "Oh, yes!  It's a wonderful book about a boy with a facial deformity overcoming the odds and going to school for the first time!  It's five dollars per book, limit two only, please!" in this incredibly cheerful voice.  Funny lady :)

The other thing keeping me busy: Book 2 edits.  I'm so excited that we finally have a title figured out, and I'm crossing my fingers that the Powers-That-Be like it, too!  This has been (no joke) a six month odyssey for all of us.  My editor sent me my edits at the end of October, but because I was traveling first for my mom's birthday, then for NCTE and Thanksgiving, the weekends I had to actually sit down and work were few and far between. Now that the latest draft of the manuscript is in, I can go back to focusing on the fact that THE DARKEST MINDS COMES OUT IN LESS THAN A WEEK!

I honestly cannot even freaking believe it.  This book has been coming out FOREVER.  F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  It doesn't feel real to me... and, yet, it's already out in the wild!  It's been spotted at more than one Walmart and even a bookstore:

(Thanks for the picture, Amanda!)

The finished copies are GORGEOUS.  It's so much fatter than the ARC, but the special effects from that cover carries over to the finished product and somehow look even more magnificent. (I might be biased...)  It'll be available at B&N, Books-A-Million, Amazon, Indigo, IndieBound, and the iBookstore.  Speaking of that...

If you go into the Books > Children and Teens section of iTunes, you'll see this super cool banner than Disney created. Big hugs to Lauren Morrill for screencapping it for me!  There's a nice extended preview already up on there, but if you're interested in MORE sneak peeks, make your way over to my facebook page!  I've been posting one excerpt a day in the oh-so-cleverly titled series: The 12 Days of Darkest Minds.

Still not enough promotion for you?  I recently did a podcast interview with John Sellers of Publishers Weekly for their truly awesome Kidcast series.  You can have yourself a listen here!  We cover a couple of topics including, but not limited to, my experience writing in college and my nemesis question (What inspired this book?).

MORE, you say?  Check out this awesome review on Hypable!

Still not sold? The Darkest Minds is one of Amazon's Best Books for Teens for December--and it's #9 on the Kids Indie Next List for Winter 12-13!

I'm also SO excited to announce that I'm doing a kind of Virtual Release Party with a video chat hosted through Shindig on Tuesday, December 18th at 7 PM.  You can find all of the information up on this page--please RSVP!  I'm more than happy to talk about anything from the story itself to how I got published to working in the publishing industry.


There's one more (SERIOUSLY) awesome thing to show you guys later today--hopefully!  Check back later today or tomorrow :)