May the One Be With You

Well, it's certainly no secret that Star Wars is kind of a big deal in my family, an even bigger deal now that it's tied to so many great memories of my dad.  I was just thinking that I still haven't gotten around to watching my Blu-Rays of the series and that I should do that this weekend while I'm cleaning the apartment, but I found something far more exciting: (That logo is cuter than a baby wookie, non?)

That's right, tomorrow, October 6th, is the official STAR WARS READS DAY!  There are a million events going on for you and all the Jedi in your life.  If you already have plans, you still might enjoy the blog posts that some of the well-known Star Wars authors wrote in celebration of the event.  From ages 11-13 I read Star Wars novels pretty much exclusively (including the Young Jedi Knights series, which was my o-b-s-e-s-s-i-o-n), so I'm definitely down with this idea.  I know the young readers series have helped many a reluctant reader find joy in books--which is maybe a tiny bit ironic when you realize that the vast majority of the characters/population of the Star Wars universe  are possibly illiterate.

In the spirit of Star Wars  and Friday Five, here are a few more posts and tidbits y'all might find interesting:

- How 'Star Wars' Seduced Another Generation of Kids 

"It's become such an important part of kids' lives when they're growing up that it has a nostalgia value as they get older," says Howard Roffman, a longtime licensing executive with Lucasfilm Ltd., the Star Wars production company. "We've been fortunate that we haven't suffered from the phenomenon where you embrace something as a kid and it becomes uncool when you're older."

- If Star Wars Was Real is pretty cool if you're a history buff:

- This military dad surprised his son with a Star Wars homecoming and the whole world "d'awwwwwwed." (SW fans are awesome.)

- Have you guys heard of the documentary The People vs. George Lucas?  It's a few years old now, but a really fascinating look at the relationship dynamic between fandom and creator--and how fans seemingly turned on Lucas when he didn't deliver with the prequels and started tinkering with the original trilogy.


- And, finally, this is what Yoda would look like as a human being.


Happy weekend!

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