The One About June

...aaaaand I'm back to a irregular blogging schedule! But--with good reason! It's nuts in my neck of the woods. I'm trying--as you all know--to write Sequel while simultaneously trying to do promo stuff for The Darkest Minds, plus day job, plus trying to go out and interact with other humans. And, added bonus: my mom and brother are in town! Naturally, this week as been the absolute worst week of weather we've had all year. And, of course, I forgot it was Fleet Week. Fun times! June is also shaping up to be a nutso month, but in a good way! I thought I would give you a quick run down of the events I'm attending/places you can hit up for a signed ARC of The Darkest Minds.

Book Expo America I'm signing Thursday, June 7th from 9:30-10:30 AM in the general autographing stalls. I'm not at all sure what table number I'll be sitting at, but just look for a tall brunette with a semi-crazed expression on her face. Sadly, I'm only going to have about two hours to walk around before I have to jet to go do other book-related things, but if you see me wandering please say hello!

(Tuesday night I have a publisher dinner, so I won't be able to attend the NYC Teen Author Carnival like I was hoping to. You'll have to go and report back to me, okay?)

NYC Rooftop YA Author and Blogger Party Wednesday, June 6th from 8-10 PM. I will be here. It will be awesome.

ALA Annual in Anaheim June 21-26th I'm doing two events here--a signing on Monday the 25th at 10 AM (this time isn't 100% confirmed, so I'll let you know if it changes) in the Disney*Hyperion booth, and a short reading/appearance at the D*H librarian preview on Saturday the 23rd from 3:00-4:30. You guys should definitely come to both, especially the reading (if only because I am terrified of reading aloud in front of people and this is bound to be a little hilarious--but, hey, tones of terror = pretty appropriate for TDM). As many of you already know, I'll be there for my day job, too, so you can always stop by and say hello. And, you know, let me pick out a nice stack of galleys for you.

In other news, The Darkest Minds was reviewed in Kirkus's BEA preview. The whole review is online for free in their electronic guide, but I'll share my favorite part:

In this haunting novel, 16-year-old Ruby joins up with a small group of fellow camp escapees in search of the Slip Kid, a near-mythical figure who promises shelter and protection for kids on the run. Ruby is hoping for even more—someone to help her understand and control the tremendous power she possesses. Bracken (Brightly Woven, 2010) creates a gripping and terrifying dystopian world. Ruby is a reluctant heroine, strong yet vulnerable in equal measure, who will endear herself to readers. Each member of the small band of runaways traveling with Ruby is equally compelling and distinct, making the danger they face all the more terrifying.

I mentioned this on my Tumblr, but the characters are what I love best about this particular story, and I'm so glad they've been resonating with readers. They're a really fun, interesting gang to write about, and I missed them a lot when I took a break between finishing TDM and starting Sequel. Actually, to be honest, one of the biggest challenges in working on Sequel has been the changed group dynamic--certain characters are gone, new characters have arrived, and there's been a decent-sized time lapse between the books. Drama!

To finish out this rambling post of rambles, here's my current playlist for Sequel. It should give you an idea of the book's tone. The slight touch of country is a reflection of the time they spend in one particular U.S. state. :)

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Have a great weekend!