The One Endless Bummer

I've been trying to come up with something to blog about for the last three or so weeks, but I'm always fearful of boring people and/or having this blog turn into one whinefest after another. Hence, I've just been quiet. Trying to keep my head down and revise Black is the Color while also swimming madly to try to keep afloat at work. Toss into the mix that I had to (speaking of whinefests) find a new apartment, deal with all the B.S. involved with apartment hunting/singing in NYC, and move into it, and it made for a particularly busy August. I looooove our new apartment. I love my room. I love the location and the neighborhood and the fact the gym is directly across the street. I am probably going it to love it just a little bit less when I have to write out the next rent check, but still. My roommate and I were talking the other night about the weirder quirks of the apartment, and the things we wish we could change. For instance, the kitchen is REALLY small. I mean, itty bitty. It's so small, it only has four cabinets and zero drawers. What it DOES have is a dishwasher, so we can't really complain, but because there's no window nearby we have to cook with the vent on, otherwise (as Roommate J discovered) the fire alarm goes off.

Weirdest fire alarm ever, by the way. When it goes off, it does the usual loud, shrieking beep--but then you hear a woman's voice come on and cheerfully announce, "FIRE. FIRE. FIRE."

Our other big complaint is that the floors are very slanted. You know that episode of How I Met Your Mother, where Lilly and Marshall discover they can actually roll a bottle of wine down their living room floor. True story. We haven't been able to unpack our living room at all because we're terrified of our big bookshelves (and, trust me, we have big bookshelves--we both work in publishing) will come crashing down on us while we try to watch Dance Moms. So, we're going to IKEA this Friday (one of our last Summer Fridays!) to see about getting wall restraints for them. Also, a couch cover. And maybe some candles. And a coffee table? Or...

I was going to say that finding a nice apartment has been the only redeeming part of this summer, but I found out--the day after we moved in--that another apartment in our building might have bed bugs, and now I'm operating under a strict motto of CONSTANT VIGILANCE and checking my mattress every morning. So, yeah, waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one.

On a whole, though, this has probably be THE worst summer of my entire life. And that's not me being hyperbolic or serving up a hot, steaming dish of melodrama. Really, truly, it has been the worst on record, and my life is entirely different now than it was on May 1st. I am constantly shocked by how much has changed in such a short amount of time.

One of my friends, Joe, dubbed this summer "Endless Bummer," which I think fits perfectly. Actually, that whole earthquake business yesterday kind of epitomized it. It's been so bad that I've actually been trying to trick myself and the rest of the world into thinking that it's already fall. Case in point: my outfit today, which consists of dark plaid, moccasins, and a a fall-ish skirt/belt combo. All of the clothes I've bought over the past three months have been for fall. Truthfully, things aren't actually going to get any better when the seasons change, but in some ways it feels like they will.

Oh yeah, so that earthquake? It took place in Virginia, but it was powerful enough for us to feel tremors all the way up in NYC. I have to say, it was one of the strangest 20 seconds of my life. I was sitting at my desk, but I had just stood up--and all of a sudden, the building is rocking back and forth, back and forth. Now, if I were in a one story house, this wouldn't have been all that terrifying. But I was in a skyscraper, and, let me tell you, earthquakes and skyscrapers do NOT mix. My brain literally went from, "Woah. Stood up too fast." to "Are we/Times Square being attacked?!" to "... earthquake?" It's just so bizarre to experience them up here, and super, super, super disconcerting to know that most NYC buildings aren't exactly earthquake-proof. I'm so glad that everyone is all right and that there wasn't major damage.

Anyway, that's all to say that if I'm not posting here regularly, you can find me being a little more active on Twitter and Tumblr.

ETA--I forgot my original intent when I started writing this! Lenore was nice enough to include Black is the Color in her fab Dystopian August series. You can read a little more about it here. To answer some of the questions I got after--no cover yet, not sure when ARCs will come in (sometime after I... um... finishing editing it?), and I don't have a more official summary yet.