The One Bowing to the Queen

One of the craziest things to me about being a writer, and being writerly-minded (or maybe just a former English major?), is that I cannot, for the life of me, sit through a movie/book/amusement park ride without "editing" it. I first noticed this while I was in Orlando last summer on The Mummy ride. I got off and turned to my mom (who realized that she had lost her sunglasses somewhere between the flashing lights/smoke tunnel and the fire torches) and said, "Where was the narrative arc of this ride?! What was the thematic significance of Brendan Fraiser's character being eaten at the end? Was it just supposed to show us that even heroes can fall? Or that a bad hair piece isn't going to act as a talisman against the nefarious forces of darkness?" Maybe it's not so much "editing"--it's probably some strange byproduct of me being in the middle of a project and hyper-focused on that type of thing + the constant expectation I now have to be told a good story. Obviously stories come in all sorts of forms--gossip over the lunch table, tv shows, movies, books (duh), comic books, songs, etc. I've never really be one to judge a story by its medium or genre--if it's a good story, I'm in. (Case in point: my years-long love of Battlestar Galactica. Okay, sure, it has a silly name and it's hard sci-fi and there are human-shaped robots, but if you passed on the show for any of those reasons, you missed out on some of the best storytelling/characters on TV in recent years.)

So I'm pretty sure this constant love of actual, well-developed stories is feeding my newfound love of country music videos.

For the longest time (aka the first 18 years of my life) I hated country music because my older sister LOVED it. And, as the old story goes, I absolutely could not like anything she liked. Ever. EVER. But, people, country music? They produce THE BEST music videos, or at least they used to in the late 80s/early 90s.

Nope, taking that back. You know who made the greatest music videos of all time? Reba "Get it Guuurl" McEntire.

I totally forgot how incredible these videos were until I went with my roommate, Julia, to visit our friend in D.C. They're all self-contained stories, and Reba ALWAYS stars in the lead role in them, and is pretty much always in some fabulous costume:

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia:

Is There Life Out There?

Cathy's Clown

And, quite possible THE GREATEST of all of her videos (and our personal favorite if you can even pick a favorite flower from a beautiful flower field):


Oh my goooosh. Words cannot EXPRESS how much I love the Fancy video. Which... is kind of horrible, right? I mean, considering the song is about a mother pushing her daughter into prostitution and then (spoiler!) the mother dying shortly thereafter?

Anyway, this was basically just an excuse to post Reba videos because they are hilarious and awesome and Reba, apparently, does not ever, ever, ever age.

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