The One with My Friends (apparently)

We were talking about the new Sweet Valley High book at lunch today, and got on the topic of The Babysitter's Club, which--you might be interested to know--I really wasn't that into as a kid. I think it's mostly because my older sister was obsessed with them and, you know, heaven forbid we share some interests. Also, the books lacked time travel, kids who morph into animals, talking animals, Jedi, silly poetry, scary choose-your-own-adventures, and were not written by Roald Dahl. Anyway, I have no recollection of actually watching The Babysitter's Club TV show when it was on, but I somehow have the entire theme song memorized?

(Obviously it's not that complicated of a theme song, but still. SAY HELLO TO THE PEOPLE WHO CAREEE.)

Anyway, anyway...

I'm going to be a little scarce for the next two weeks. I have lots and lots and lots on my my plate, including two trips (one to Austin, Texas next week and one to Washington, D.C. later in the month). I'm really, really excited about the trips because--in case my 234092834 million posts about it haven't clued you in--this past winter in NYC was REALLY tough on me. And it's still cold! Last night I just about froze in the middle of Times Square while Julia and I were trying to catch a cab (totally my fault for not wearing tights, but STILL.)

I'm looking forward to heading west and south for a while. Oh! And, even better, I'm pretty sure we're going to take a short day trip down to Williamsburg while we're in D.C. I can't wait to show Julia where I went to school--I really think it's going to blow her mind how small it is compared to NYU.

(I'm mostly looking forward to eating at the Cheese Shop and/or Wawa.) (Also, frolicking on the Sunken Gardens.) (And Sno-to-Go.)

Happy Wednesday! xx