The One with Good News (x2)

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys. For the past two or so months, I've had news that I've been dying to tell you. DYING. Part of the reason I haven't been around much lately is because I'm not particularly great at keeping secrets, especially the kind that make me skip around the East Village, make baby animal noises (think "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"), and hold Rolling Stones dance parties in my cubicle at work. So it was better that I stayed away and resisted temptation to blab about it.

Since Variety is a little wonky for some (I can't view it on my work computer for whatever reason), I'll copy the article here:

FOX Options 'Black is the Color' Shawn Levy to produce teenage tale through 21 Laps shingle By RACHEL ABRAMS

Exclusive: Twentieth Century Fox has optioned film rights to futuristic trilogy "Black is the Color" by Alexandra Bracken.

Shawn Levy will produce with his 21 Laps banner with Billy Rosenberg and Missy Foster overseeing development for the shingle.

Drew Crevello will oversee for Fox.

Story centers around a 16-year-old with uncontrollable telekinetic abilities who joins a group of teens on the run from the government.

Disney Hyperion will publish the first book in the "Black" trilogy in the summer of 2012. Writers House reps 24-year-old Bracken, who earned a debut author nomination last year at the Goodreads Choice Awards.

ICM reps the film rights and sold the tome to Fox.

The article doesn't call them out by name, but I'm very indebted to my incredible agent, Merrilee (who, I should add, was calling me from Bologna at all hours of the night there to keep me updated--so when I say incredible, I really, really mean it), as well as Nick Harris and Josie Freedman at ICM, who were amazing champions of the book (and are so savvy and brilliant). And of course everyone at 21 Laps and FOX! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You may also notice that the publication date is listed as Summer 2012--not a mistake! So that's also good news, right? :) Not sure if it'll change again, but I'll keep you updated!

Anyway, YAY! Rolling Stones dance party at my place!