Revisiting the One

Okay, so for reasons which I will explain later (not today and likely not tomorrow, but hopefully within the next few weeks), I ended up starting Black is the Color's sequel this past weekend. I mean, clearly I was going to have to start it eventually, but I wasn't planning on putting any words down until this Summer. My intended Start Date was the first Summer Friday (publishing people get half days on Fridays [or every other Friday off, depending on your team/company] between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which is super awesome but only sort of makes up for the fact we get paid next to nothing), but my agent wisely pointed out that I needed to buckle down and start writing when we talked this weekend. In any case, writing a sequel? Really bizarre. Bizarre in how hard it is to incorporate facts from the first book and gently remind readers of who different people are and what happened. Bizarre in how easy it was to step back into Ruby's voice, like I had never left at all. Bizarre in how much I'm DREADING writing some scenes, and can't wait to write others.

I remember when I finished the first draft of BitC I had this odd feeling of loss. At the time I chalked it up to being physically/emotionally exhausted as it was something like 4 AM and I'd been on an all-weekend writing binge. I kept thinking of this one scene in the book where three of the main characters are sitting together and one goes, "It's over, it's all over." Which, hello, is totally dumb because it clearly WAS not and IS not over. I had weeks of revisions after that, and I'll have months of writing to come. It just amazes me that I felt such a strong bond with the characters that I didn't want want to part with them, even for a short while. It was very much a sense of, Just wait there! I'll come back for you!

One of the things I was most concerned about this weekend was trying to slip back in Ruby's voice. Right around the beginning of March, I actually started working on a completely different "For Fun" project, because I didn't want to start working on the sequel without having notes on BitC. Totally different tone and narrative voice, which took me several attempts to get right. BitC is first person past tense, but Ruby has a very distinct way of speaking and an interesting way of describing things.

In any case, I'm happily settling back into her world. :) It helps that I have all of this book outlined in a detailed summary, so I know exactly where it's headed--it's just been interesting to introduce so many new faces (while waiting impatiently to introduce some of the older ones).

In other news, Roommate J and I tried in vain to get Taylor Swift presale tickets for one of her two concerts in Madison Square Garden this November. No dice! Ticketmaster would only let us purchase one at a time (weird, right?) and we couldn't get seats next to each other that way. So I think we're going to way until the public sale later this week and try our luck then. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely cover of Mumford & Son's White Blank Page from ze Swifty herself. I'm usually very protective of M&S's stuff, but I actually think this is a great style for her: