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It's been a while since I've done a good Link Love post, eh? Onward! ♥ 30 Catastrophic Russian Wedding Photos. Sample of this genius:


I mean, props for originality, but what is with the shoes? Is it, like, some kind of trend to have your beloved shrunk down in Photoshop and placed in your shoe, or in danger of being squished to death under your shoe:


This reminds me that I need to TiVo Say Yes to the Dress tonight...

Books that Rocked Your World at 16 (But Now Fall Flat) I have not read... most of these, I'm afraid to say. Although I have read an absurd amount of Joseph Conrad for someone who doesn't even really like Joseph Conrad.

♥ So apparently they're re-releasing Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3-D February 2012. Super! 3-D Jar Jar Binks just in time for my birthday! Just what meesa has always wanted! Of all of the SW movies, Episode I isn't the worst (Congrats, Episode II, you've won this round!), but for some inexplicable reason, I always fall asleep during the pod racing scene. While I was in the theater, while I was watching it with a room full of friends, while I was cleaning the living room... Also! Is it so wrong to wonder how Lucasfilm will do 3-D? He may not be a master of storytelling these days, but George does tend to do beautiful visual work...

More Disney portraits by Annie Leibovitz! They finally did Beauty and the Beast, but I have to say--Olivia Wilde makes one FIERCE evil queen.


♥ Those crazy kids over at Forever YA are writing letters to Gary Ross, the future Gamemaker of The Hunger Games. Have to say, I really disagree with them about William Mosely as Peeta. Maybe a young WillMo, but not present day WillMo. Google if you do not believe me.

♥ Here's some news from a fellow Alex: Alex Flinn attends the Beastly premiere. I know nothing about Hollywood aside from my own delusions, so I find this stuff really interesting. Also, didn't she look great?

♥ Ah-hah! Speaking of Hollywood, ONTD tells me that the titles of the two upcoming Hobbit movies are: The Hobbit: There and Back Again and The Hobbit: An/The Unexpected Journey. Soooooo excited. SOOOOOO EXCITED!! The cast for these movies is UNREAL.

♥ I love, love, love the title track off Fleet Foxes new album:

So dreamy and gorgeous. They have such a full sound--at least that's what I imagine a "full sound" sounds like.

Another music rec: Turin Brakes' Dark on Fire

♥ Remember the autotune musicals AKA the only good part of this year's Oscars? I decided to investigate other autotune/mash-up/what-have-yous and rediscovered Pogo's most excellent remix work. He uses only sounds and dialogue from the movies to create tracks that are, in a word, incredible. To quote one of the comments on the below Toy Story video, this is the kind of music that you'd expect to hear in your dreams. Check out a few of my favs:

♥ On a more serious note, did you know that today is the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's inauguration? Next month marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War (April 12th, when Fort Sumter was attacked). Alas, I will be in Texas that week, but I'm hoping to visit D.C. on Easter weekend, which is very late this year--April 24th, methinks? Maybe I can convince Roommate J and Andrea to take the train or a car down to Williamsburg with me... I have been missing The Cheese Shop something fierce, and I'd love to be able to see some friends before they graduate.

That's it from me! Happy weekend!

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