The One I Probably Should Not Admit Publicly

Okay, can I preface this by saying that I'm definitely, definitely not the kind of girl that has had her wedding planned out since she was old enough to know the difference between lace and taffeta? My hand to the big G-man, the most thought I've put into getting married as a twenty-four-year-old is, "Wow, weddings are expensive these days, huh?" and "Woof. Not now, thanks." But, okay, here's the confession: I am maybe a tiny bit obsessed with wedding dresses.

I mean, it's not completely unreasonable, right? I'm interested in fashion, and wedding dresses tend to be some of the best reflections of personal taste you can find. It's been really interesting to see the style evolutions over the past few decades (and I sincerely worry, in a way I have no right to worry, that all of those girls who are buying mermaid silhouettes will regret it in ten years). Say Yes to the Dress is my Friday obsession. I TiVo it. It's total dress porn, but it's also an instant mood-lifter, because the women who find their perfect dress are just SO HAPPY! And, for the most part, the dresses are beautiful and well-crafted.

But there are always the girls that try on the Pnina dresses. Every. Single. Episode.



Guys... I just... I don't understand. The first time I saw a girl on the show try on that short little number all I could think was, "That's the dress she's going to wear under her REAL dress, right? RIGHT?!" But, no. There are some ladies who, indeed, will walk down the aisle with sheer bodices and well-intended-but-also-questionable ruffles. And, I mean, power to them. I'm just beginning to wonder if there's some kind of correlation between the kind of person who would willingly agree to be on the show and the kind of person who would wear something like this and revel in its majesty.

Anyway, anyway, that's all to say I am SUPER PUMPED FOR ROYAL WEDDING 2011!! A month from tomorrow! I don't even know what's come over me, only that I love Future Princess Shiny Hair and Current Prince Needs a Better Comb-Over and I want them to ride off happily into the sunset with one another, clutching their commemorative china and stuffing their faces with their wedding cake. (fruit cake!)


So, naturally, I'm emotionally invested in what Princess Shiny Hair is going to wear on her big day. I really hope it IS McQueen, and I hope she blows the roof off Westminster (uhhh figuratively, because yikes). AND I hope she has an amazing day all around, because girlfriend was in it to win it and definitely deserves to celebrate.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the Royal Wedding next month?