The One in Times Square

I had a nice surprise last week when I found out that Sister was going to be in town this weekend! She works for one of the companies that aired commercials during the Super Bowl and is spending all of today escorting their new celebrity face around the city to Entertainment Tonight, E!, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood. Basically, all of the shows I used to love to veg out and watch during my summer breaks. Sister and I could care less about the sport of football (her completely--I only care when Coach Eric Taylor is involved), but we had to watch the game to see the commercials as they aired. Did I explain she works in publicity? That's probably an important detail to mention. I'm not really sure how she juggles everything she's required to do in her job, but I've got mad respect for her.

Anyway, Sister is staying in one of the hotels located right in the heart of Times Square, a little ways away from where I work--walking distance! I went to see her yesterday so we could spend a few hours dodging tourists and the Naked Cowboy to do shopping in that huge Forever 21 there (which apparently fancies itself some kind of department store and won't let you bring drinks in? What?) and Gap and Anne Taylor and all that good stuff. Sister experienced firsthand one of the many pitfalls of living in the city, which is that there are no bathrooms anywhere. They all "cost" something, whether you suck it up and buy a drink in Starbucks to use theirs, or you lose some fraction of your soul by biting the bullet and using one of the scary public bathrooms.

Sister and her coworker needed to watch the Super Bowl in a public place so that they could record the crowd's reaction to the company's ad (which... isn't creepy at all, no sir). They settled on the Hard Rock in Times Square, which was both an excellent AND horrible choice, because, yum, delicious appetizers. Bad in the sense that for every hour you stayed, you were expected to get $50 worth of food. This, friends is why I was invited. Sister was all, "If you want to come you have to promise to buy something expensive and get some kind of an overpriced drink."


In the end, I really could have cared less about who won the game. It was all about the commercials for me, and Volkswagen definitely won the night in my book. First, because of this gem:

But also because of this one, for reasons which I cannot yet reveal:

What ads did you guys end up loving?

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