Der eine in deutscher Sprache geschrieben

Hey, so here's something kinda cool:


It's Brightly Woven's German edition! Alas, I don't have a better image of the cover. I took a screenshot of the catalog page it was featured on and this was the best I could do. Interestingly enough, it comes out this June--the same month that BW's paperback comes out here. Twinsies! Awww, cuteness.


My mom was asking last night why the cover is different than the English language version, even though the concept is very similar (profile shot of a redhead, lots of blue, etc). Covers change for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's too expensive for the foreign publisher to buy the rights to use a cover font or image, or sometimes the rights aren't available in their country. Sometimes it's just a matter of the publisher retooling the image to better suit their market. Maybe in Germany illustrated covers don't work as well as pure photographic ones?

In any case, I'm excited! Hopefully they'll send a few copies my way when they're printed...