The One With My Current Faves

Hola, how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? I had a great time at the signing Anna had with Lauren Oliver and Leila Sales on Friday--yes, I ventured into Brooklyn for her! I took the dreaded G train and clomped around in the snow. That is how much I like Anna, who was fantastic and funny, and brills all around. (Brills = brilliant, by the way. I'm trying to make that happen again, along with, and woof.) I'd post pictures, but she'd kill me. Since I have a case of the Mondays, I thought I'd share a few things I'm really digging right now instead of rambling on and on for a few paragraphs...

1. Adele's new album 21. Hoooooly crap, I am in love. The whole thing is incredible--there isn't one song on there that I dislike. And, I'm kind of late to the party, but I love that she names her albums after the age she was when she wrote the songs on them.

My favorite is Someone Like You. Tear-jerker warning! Just sit back and enjoy this woman's phenomenal talent.

2. Mila Kunis' SAG Awards dress (by McQueen!):


Love that print, love that color, love the belt, love the girl wearing it.

3. Speaking of fashion, Elie Saab's Spring 2011 Couture collection? Uuuuuuuuunnnnngggggg WANT. WANT IT ALL. I'm expecting to see at least one of them at the Oscars.

4. Speaking (again) of fashion, I'm really fixated on tea-length skirts and dresses for 2011. Marc Jacobs did a whole collection of them for Louis Vuitton's Fall 2010 show, and I just think there are few things classier and lovelier:


5. The book Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore:


Here's the blurb:

Amy Goodnight's family is far from normal. She comes from a line of witches, but tries her best to stay far outside the family business. Her summer gig? Ranch-sitting for her aunt with her wacky but beautiful sister. Only the Goodnight Ranch is even less normal than it normally is. Bodies are being discovered, a ghost is on the prowl, and everywhere she turns, the hot neighbor cowboy is in her face.

It reminded me of Practical Magic in how fun and wonderful the Goodnight family dynamic was. Plus, how could I ever say no to a hot, grumpy cowboy? Please. Throw a guy up on a horse, drop a hat on his head, and have him speak in a low, Southern drawl and I'm done.

What have you guys been reading/watching/loving lately?

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