The One at -1 Degrees

Good God, y'all, it is FREEZING. F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! The kind of cold that makes me think in all capital letters as I walk three blocks to the subway, like, OMG SHOULD I GET ON THE BUS INSTEAD? TWO MORE BLOCKS. TWO MORE BLOCKS. I AM GOING TO DIE OUT HERE. I AM GOING TO DIE AND PEOPLE ARE JUST GOING TO TRAMPLE OVER MY STIFF, FROZEN BODY TO GET TO WORK AND--HEY, WHERE DID THAT KID GET THAT TASTY-LOOKING SCONE FROM? I realize I have a somewhat tenuous relationship with the weather--and have since I left the surprise!-every-day-is-100-degrees weather in Arizona--but you'd better believe I was dreading the arrival of this morning all weekend long. And not just because it's a Monday, I might add. I kept checking the weather forecast on my phone, but the high predictions never budged from 17 degrees. It's stressful figuring out what to wear when the weather is like this, and that stress kept me up for most of the night. Really. I was tossing and turning over whether to layer wool tights or leggings under my pants today, debating whether or not I was brave enough to wear a dress, and trying to locate one of my hats in the dark. (Not sure why I didn't just turn on one of the many lights in my room, other than the fact I was a little delirious at that point, seeing as it was about 4 AM.)

You can pretty much imagine my reaction, then, when I checked on my phone this morning and saw this:


I sat straight up in bed and immediately went into denial mode, then anger, then depression. And it was only then--after rolling out of bed onto the floor and crying into the pile of clothes I had to leave on my floor after my dresser broke--that I thought to double check the city the website was set to. New City, New York. Not New York City, New York. It was a whole ten degrees warmer than I thought it was! WAAAHOOO, 14 degrees!

Except, of course, for the fact that the subways get all jacked up and weird things start to malfunction when it gets that cold. Including, but not limited to: my ear drums, lungs, sidewalk signs, subway cars, and one random elevator in my building.

Anyway, anyway. Did you guys have a nice weekend? The one thing I was supposed to accomplish was writing two synopses for potential upcoming books. Instead, I re-read Black is the Color one last time, redesigned my author website (I know, I know--it kind of looks like Lilly Pulitzer vommed all over it, but I JUST LOVE PINK AND GREEN AND ANIMAL PRINTS OK?), and had a lovely long brunch with Sarah J. Maas. We were there for almost three hours and our waiter was NOT happy with us, but we had a lot to talk about! I just finished reading one of her many fabulous projects and had to squee to her about it, then there was new writing to discuss, and friends, and just gossip in general. So, really, can you fault us?

Anyway, I'd best get back to work. Let me know what's up in your worlds! I'm sorry to have been so MIA recently--here's to hoping I get back on a regular blogging schedule now that things are settling down. I feel like I have so much to tell you! Things such as how crazy-bad Country Strong was, the awesome books I've read recently and the one that made me chuck it across the room (damn you, One Day, daaaaammmnnnn yooooooouuuuu), and my sudden rediscovery of the Ultimate Cake Challenge show on the Food Network.

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