The One Where She Sticks Her Head In To Say Hello

Hi all! Sorry for going so radio silent on you! Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? Anything exciting happen while I was gone? I had a really busy last few weeks, and I can finally tell you why! In addition to going through and revising the story I'm working on right now (alas, still not done--new goal is Monday) I was busy wrapping things up at my old job because......... I have a new job! I'm still working in the children's book industry, but I'm in a different department (doing a specific kind of marketing), and at a different house. I was so bummed to leave my friends at my old job behind--honestly, that's a huge understatement--but everyone here has been so lovely and welcoming and wonderful. The personality of the company is the complete opposite of the company that I worked for previously.

I've only been here a week, but I'm already having a blast. It helped that we had this amazing holiday party to celebrate our parent company's birthday and two more "parties" yesterday. AND! I have an officle, which is this weird office/cubicle hybrid. They actually remind me a little bit of pods because there's this door you can slide open and shut if you need privacy or don't want to be disturbed. I have a huge desk and a nice table and extra chair (and a bookshelf, too!), so I'm a happy little duck. :)

I guess the question most of you will have is: why are you leaving Editorial? I'm not even sure how to begin the explanation, other than to say that I realized marketing is a much more interesting field and I was looking for a position that would have a slightly better work/life balance. I get to do a lot of the same stuff I loved as an EdAss in my new position--interacting with authors, writing content, working on fabulous books--but the job is a little more 9-5, with some fun travel thrown in.

Anyway, I spent my Thanksgiving here in NYC since my parents and older sister went to Egypt for two weeks with my grandmother and my aunt and uncle. For a while there, they were sending me (picture messaging me!!) the most amazing pictures of them on camels in front of the pyramids, down in tombs, out on the Nile. Really, it's pretty incredible what modern technology lets us do these days.

I noticed that I stopped getting as many pictures towards the end of the trip, and found out why when Mom called me to say hello on Thanksgiving. Dad had to get two emergency procedures done while he was there! I've seen pictures of the "operating rooms" and "recovery rooms," and nothing has ever made me feel quite so grateful for the medical standards we have in the States. That aside, his doctors did a great job and were very friendly and kind. Dad got checked when he returned, and aside from some scars and discomfort, is doing much better.

I knew that they were going to have a 4 or 5 hour layover in JFK airport coming back (their layover going over was much shorter), so I made plans to meet them as they came out of the international terminal. Only, their flight was about an hour and a half late coming in. I got to the airport around 2:30 PM, and didn't seem them until 6 PM, after which I got to spend about ten minutes with them before they needed to switch terminals and go back through security for their next flight. NATURALLY that flight was delayed another three or four hours. I don't know how they were still on their feet by the time they got home to Arizona--I think it was about 4 AM, and they'd been traveling for over 24 hours!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I promise I won't be a stranger--just need to finish working on these revisions!

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