The One That's Freezing Her Butt Off

1. HOLY CRIPES, IT IS COLD OUTSIDE! This is not one of those, "Save it, Desert Child. It's not THAT cold!" moments. It is legit freezing outside. 30 and 40 degrees? Can handle that. 15-29 degrees? Not a fan. One of the buildings near my new office has a digital display on the outside that shows the time and temperature, so I can feel stressed about BOTH how late I'm running and how cold I am. Last night, while I was running around the Times Square area with two of my friends, one of them--Tyler--goes, "Are you okay??" because my eyes had been watering for five minutes but I couldn't feel it as my FACE WAS COMPLETELY NUMB. Baaaaaah! Hate winter. 2. We were out running around Times Square, by the way, because they were taking me to an advanced screening of The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader--because, let me tell you friends, I avoid Times Square at all costs. It is the fifth circle of Hell. I would more willingly approach an active volcano than Times Square during rush hour. But, unfortunately, that's where the theater was. We had to find some place to eat dinner nearby and settled on Five Napkin Burger. Five Napkin Burger is SO DAMN GOOD. It is also extremely heavy and filling. And we only had about fifteen minutes to eat, which turned into six by the time the food came out. I'm pretty grateful I didn't end up puking after woofing it down, running several blocks to the theater, and being forced to sit all the way up front. AND AND AND, the movie was in 3D. Yikes!

I liked the movie a lot, mostly because of Ben Barnes (Or, as the fine folk at ONTD like to call him "Bin Bons"). He dropped his crazy awful accent from Prince Caspian, thank goodness. The kid that plays Eustace was pretty damn perfect and the movie has a lot of heart. I'll admit that I'm really not the biggest Narnia fan in the world. It occurred to me, when all of the crazy green mist started happening, that I actually never got around to reading this book. Or any of the ones that followed it, aside from skipping ahead to the last chapter of the last one to see how it all ended. Once I found out that Susan didn't get to go to Narnia Heaven (ALSO, THE REST OF THEM DIE IN A HORRIBLE TRAIN CRASH. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, C.S.), I was like, "What's the point?" From a very young age I understood that C.S. was peddling Jesus, and I just wasn't sure that I wanted it. Gosh, and the coversation that Aslan has with Lucy at the end of this movie actually made me face-palm:

Lucy: Will you visit me in our world? Aslan: I'm already there, honey child. You just have a different name for me. Lucy: O_o Aslan: You had to come to Allegoryland, Narnia so that you could learn to know and love me better there. Lucy: .... o_O? Audience: PLEASE GET THERE FASTER.

ALSO! Roommate Jules and I have been on the William Mosely-for-Peeta train from the beginning. He just had this sweet, innocent look to him that we thought fit Peeta. Not to mention that adorable hair:


I am sad to report that, after seeing his present-day appearance, we bailed hard and fast off that track:


3. Slightly less awesome: While I was walking home from the train last night (and, of course, talking to Mama Bracken on the phone), I witnessed a delivery man on a bicycle get runover by a taxi. First, it was horrible both to hear AND see. Second, you would not believe the average New Yorker's response to this kind of situation. I let out a startled, "Oh my God!" and froze, but two women on the other side of the street ran through traffic to get to the guy and were telling him he was going to be okay and that they were calling 9-1-1 for him. Another woman, also on the other side of the street, ran up to the taxi and started banging on the driver's side window screaming, "Turn off your [bleeping] car, [bleep]er! That's right, TURN-IT-OFF!" And, weirdly enough, there was a cop car less than a hundred feet away and the officers pulled right up. Figures that average New Yorkers beat them to the punch.

4. Did you guys hear about Katie Goldman? This adorable little girl is a huge Star Wars fan and was teased by kids at her school for carrying a Star Wars water bottle as the series is, apparently, for boys. Naturally, the Star Wars fan community--which, by the way, is awesome and welcoming and takes care of its kind--rallied around her after her distressed mom blogged about the incident. I really can't stress how lovely the community is; in addition to being extremely loyal to their fandom and friendly beyond imagination, they're also very service-minded. You can read a little bit about the charities the famous 501st costumers work with here.

5. I finished writing up the synopses for for BLACK IS THE COLOR sequels! Anna, once again, came through and helped me work through them. I just HATE WRITING SYNOPSES. Hate them. The synopsis for the second book is much longer and more detailed than the first, both because I've put more thought to it AND because I don't want to reveal the ending of the third book. I realize that defeats the purpose of writing a synopsis, but I am guarding the final revelations with my LIFE. I'm trying to argue to my agent that, due to the sharey-share-share nature of the industry, I'd rather not risk of having any clues leak out. She'll probably shoot me down and tell me to put my butt back in the chair and rework the synopsis for book 3, but I hope not!

Have a great weekend!