The One at Books of Wonder

Hi gang, how are you? How was your weekend?


I had my very first signing, and I was lucky enough to do it with a big group of Tenners (plus a Buffy alum)! Thanks to Laura Toffler-Corrie for letting me borrow some of her pictures to use in this post! It was such a pleasure to meet you (and sit next to you on the panel)!

Here's the whole group, minus Mindi Scott (who actually organized the event):


We started by going down the line and talking about ourselves and our books. So, the thing about me is that I try to be overprepared for things (overprepared and overdressed, if possible), but I had been up 3 AM or so finishing this round of revisions on Black is the Color so... I had nothing prepared. Cue panic attack until I saw I was right in the middle, which meant I'd have a chance to mentally compose something to say before it was my turn. Except, everyone decided to read a passage from their book. Cue second panic attack. I had to explain to everyone that I have this very real, intense fear of reading aloud in front of others, and then proceeded to talk for a minute or two about Brightly Woven and the inspiration. Then I turned to Laura with these, "YOUR TURN GO NOW PLEASE" eyes, and she went on to read a very, very funny passage from her debut The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz.

After introductions, we had a brief Q&A session where I attempted to explain the origins of The Tenners (and did not do our birth justice, m'afraid) and how to tell when you're ready to send a story to agents/editors/critique partners ("It's an instinctive thing for the most part. Also, when you can't stand to re-read it one more time.")


See Amber Benson? She's sitting two seats to my left. Amber played Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we were beyond delighted to have her join our ranks for the day. I'm actually a BIG Buffy fan, but I was too nervous/shy to go up and tell her that. Instead, we had this brief interaction:

Amber: Wow, you're tall! Me (mentally): OMGOMGOMGOMGOMW:LJER:LKWJELRKJ:W:ELKRJ: Me (out loud): Yep! *scurries away*


I just wanted to say thanks again to Books of Wonder and their awesome staff (hi, Kaila, if you're reading this!) and shower some love on Mindi Scott taking on the daunting task of organizing the whole shebang. And, of course, thank you so much to all of the readers and bloggers out there who came to the event! There's nothing I love more than meeting you guys and gals face-to-face.

Fall is now settling over NYC (though you'd never know with that crazy town storm we had last night), and being in BoW naturally reminded me that I need to re-watch You've Got Mail. (Bridget, I think we need to have a girl's night in and watch it together! Weren't we talking about it over Shake Shack two weekends ago?) My love for this movie has increased exponentially since I started working in children's publishing, and, as I was telling Anna on Sunday, the old school AOL dial-up internet and clunky computers just adds to the charm. It's sort of incredible to see the Indie vs. Big Chain drama play out while the industry is facing yet another crisis (Everyone vs. E-publishing).

Anyway, this opening scene never fails to make me want to move to the Upper West Side and smell a bouquet of sharpened pencils. :)

P.S. Sent BiC to my agent on Sunday! Fingers crossed she likes it!!