The One About the New Book

Goodness--is it pouring where you are, too? I woke up around 5:30 AM to the sound of a torrential downpour outside of my window and it hasn't stopped raining since. The office is very quiet as a result today, so I'm getting a lot of reading in (and finally organizing my Outlook inbox--only 3,000 more emails to file!). Anyway, since you guys have been really sweet and inquiring all over the place about what BLACK IS THE COLOR is about, I thought I'd drop five hints for this week's Friday Five. Sorry I can't give y'all more detail yet. After my agent has a chance to read (and if she, you know, likes it), I'll try to post a longer pitch for it.

1. The book isn't fantasy... at all. It's not high fantasy or paranormal. I think it's probably best classified as science fiction-lite, with a side of possibly-dystopian.

2. It's mostly set in the glorious commonwealth of Virginia, but West Virginia and Maryland also make appearances. I was going to have my four main characters swing by Williamsburg, but I couldn't make it work. Alas. I really wanted them to visit Presidents Park, which is super weird and pretty pointless. I JUST FOUND OUT THAT IT CLOSED FOREVER YESTERDAY!!! Though, good news! If you've ever wanted an 18 foot bust of your favorite president, now is the time to buy!

3. My CPs are on board with Ruby (the main character) and her love interest:


4. The kids are all in extreme, serious danger and have to work together despite different backgrounds, personalities, and abilities. They are fleeing said danger in this fine chariot:


5. Classic rock and classic literature both play a role :)

That vague enough for you? ;) What are you guys working on this weekend?