The One in Green and Gold

I'm going to Homecoming this weekend! I'm very excited to return to my beloved Virginny for a few days, and to see my darlin' Carlin and my sorority family (I now have a Little Little Little Little Little!!) and RA friends and freshman hall friends and student government friends, and--I think you get the picture. I've basically been skipping around in circles for the past few days. Perhaps this will not come as a very big surprise, but Carly and I have plans to sit and read/study in Swem. Really. I think we're actually going to block out an hour or two and go smell books and play with the computers and kick underclassmen out of "our" Swem tables. There is pretty much no one else I would rather do this with. In preparation for Homecoming (and because I'd been thinking about doing it for months and months), I got my hair cut:


It's actually shorter than it looks in that picture, if you can believe it. All in all, I got about five or six inches cut off--which was a lot more than I thought I would. I actually really love it, even though I can't do much with it. (It needs to grow out an inch or two before I can braid it or wear it in a normal-looking ponytail) I got it cut on Sunday, but I kept forgetting about it and jolting every time I saw myself in a reflective surface. My mom did point out a flaw in the haircut--namely that my plan to do my vision of Hermione Hair for Halloween has been somewhat ruined. I'm not sure I can crimp/curl/frizz it without looking like a poodle, but we shall see!

Homecoming is making me super nostalgic, so I will just leave you with this--a picture of Freshman Alex molesting the often-molested statue of Thomas Jefferson in Colonial Williamsburg:


P.S. Posted another (longer) teaser for Black is the Color. See if you can find it ;)

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