The One That's Cooked!

I finished!! Two months later and about 150 pages over what I was aiming for, but I finally finished my WIP. :) I spent the last two weekends locked away in my bedroom, surviving only on Mountain Dew and Goldfish. I still haven't found the energy to clean my room or do laundry, but I guess that'll be a project for the next few days... along with cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and switching my summer clothes out of my closet. Really, I need to earn the right to live in my apartment again. I forgot how to interact with human beings.

I'm going to hold off talking about the story itself since I know it needs to be revised and I'm still feeling very protective of the idea. But I will say that after I finished writing on Sunday and sent it to my critique partners (who have been totally champs about reading a 500 page manuscript, I might add), I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking about the characters and what had happened at the end of the story and how all I wanted to do was sit up and write the next book in the series. I still feel that way two days later. Not really sure what it is about this group of characters, but I just genuinely love them. Ruby, the main character, really has me in her grip--I miss writing in her voice and I miss her interactions with the others.

Because I am two months past when I told my agent I'd give her a draft to read, I sent the newly finished rough draft to my CPs and reading volunteers on Sunday night, rather than spend the time going back through and line editing it. Honestly, that stuff? I can it fix later. Right now I'm a lot more interested in what they think of the characters and the plot--and the pacing! Finding the fat in the story to cut away. :) Carlin read it last night (and got a full sensory experience as the house across the street from hers was burning down...) and gave me some great feedback. Sarah also seems to be liking it so far. It's been a nice confidence booster after being stuck toiling through the usual agonies and ecstasies of writing. I really think the problems are fixable and I can get a draft to my agent in a few weeks. Will talk more about it soon, I promise!

Here's the playlist again--many/most of the songs are referenced in the story. The only ones missing are the Pink Floyd songs, which aren't available through (Goodbye Blue Sky and Breathe).

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In other news:

- Sister Wives = terrifying. I watched five minutes and got so creeped out by Mr. McCreeperson that I had to detox with a Tivo'd episode of Say Yes To the Dress. He's just so smug and self-satisfied. Ugh!

- We now have an ambassador for planet Earth in case aliens do stop by for a chat and tea. She is the leader they are supposed to be taken to. (Yes, that joke sounded better in my head.)

- The Hobbit movie is just never going to happen, is it?

- But you know what IS happening: the Facebook movie. And boy, is it happening: 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Really excited to see it and reminisce about the good ol'days, when it used to be TheFacebook and only open to college students and there were no annoying apps. Kind of interesting to see how far it's come. Oh! And read this Vanity Fair piece about Sean Parker.

That's it from me!

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