The One That's Come Down With the Mondays

Weird day! But a good day? I agonized over flap copy all day, but when I finished it I felt like I had walked up Everest barefoot and backwards. I was also hyped up on all of the sugar people kept giving me. Like I can resist cupcakes, people. Please. My heart isn't built to resist that temptation. Things have been looking up for me lately. That hasn't exactly been the case for the past six or so months, but I'm happy to be trending upward. I'm doing fine at work, getting near to the end of my story-in-progress (though I am, admittedly, not that happy about how long the sucker is--my poor crit partners), my family is healthy and happy, and I'm getting out more and meeting new people. Sometimes it's really easy to step back and see how life cycles through these phases of ups and downs, but that tends to be when you're on the upside. I'm definitely guilty of getting so bogged down in the downsies that it can be hard for me to believe things can and will get better.

So yeah, nothing much happening over in these parts. Fall is back in the city. The weather has cooled down to the 70s and its been on-and-off rainy, which I secretly love because it means boots and coats and puddles. Naturally, my apartment complex isn't coming to switch out the AC unit that's been broken all summer until tomorrow, but better late than never, right?

More later! For now, enjoy the (FREAKING) FINALLY RELEASED song that was featured forever ago in the Morning Glory trailer:

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