The One on 10/10/10

Ahhh, the mole creature emerges from her cavern in the East Village, blinks up at the bright sun, and realizes that it has been a full week since she last checked in with you... (She feels very bad about this, I might add.) This pale creature, fearful of humans after sequestering herself away for so long to work on her over-long and over-due next novel, also realized that she completely forgot to share some news!

If you live in the city, she would very much like it if you could come visit her, along with some very talented, amazing, funny, brilliant friends for what's sure to be a most excellent sighting signing at Books of Wonder. Here are the details (though, note, that the author list is not 100% final and there might be a few changes):

BOOKS OF WONDER 1 pm - 3 pm

JOSH BERK - The Dark Days Of Hamburger Halpin ALEXANDRA BRACKEN - Brightly Woven MARGIE GELBWASSER - Inconvenient EMILY HORNER - A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend SHAUN DAVID HUTCHINSON - The Deathday Letter PHOEBE KITANIDIS - Whisper JESSICA LEADER - Nice And Mean, Middle-Grade MINDI SCOTT - Freefall LAURA TOFFLER-CORRIE - The Life And Opinions Of Amy Finawitz, Middle-Grade AMY BRECOUNT WHITE - Forget-Her-Nots AMBER BENSON - Among The Ghosts

Books of Wonder is pleased to announce that on Sunday, October 10th, we will be joined by a group of eleven 2010 debut authors as they each present their first novels. On hand will be JOSH BERK for The Dark Days of Hamburger Haplin; ALEXANDRA BRACKEN for Brightly Woven; MARGIE GELBWASSER for Inconvenient; EMILY HORNER for A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend; SHAUN DAVID HUTCHINSON for The Deathday Letter; PHOEBE KITANIDIS for Whisper; JESSICA LEADER for Nice and Mean; MINDI SCOTT for Freefall; LAURA TOFFLER-CORRIE for The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz; AMY BRECOUNT WHITE for Forget-Her-Nots; and AMBER BENSON for Among the Ghosts. Within these eleven novels, there are books for tweens and teens with stories that span comedy, adventure, fantasy, and drama. Beginning at 1pm, these eleven debut authors will talk about their books, take questions from the audience, and sign copies of their books. Ages 9 and up. 1-3pm.

Mole creature doesn't think you should come for her, but, rather, the others--INCLUDING AMBER BENSON AKA TARA FROM BUFFY AKA ALL AROUND TALENTED BAD ASS--but would love to see you if you think you can stop by!!