The One on the Move

Hi, hi! Talk about a busy week! Sorry for not popping in to say hello, but I worked late almost every single night last week so I could get everything off my plate in time for vacation this week. I even went in yesterday (Saturday) to finish one last thing, only to realize how stupid that was of me--because, um, duh, they turn the A/C off on the weekends. So I did feel like I was cooking in a glass box for the hour or two I was there. Oh well!

Orlando's airport is really interesting, by the way. Even the shuttle from the gates to the main terminal feels like an amusement park ride (or at least a very fancy pants subway). There's even a Hyatt hotel inside of this terminal, which is both strange and actually pretty smart. And, and, and! I got to have Panda Express for the first time in months upon months. So, really, I'm quite happy and impressed with Orlando so far. Internet high-five!

Right now, I'm parked besides this ENORMOUS blow up picture of DanRad as Harry Potter in what I think must be a little Universal Studios store...? My parents and younger brother should be coming in (hopefully) by 4:30... I'm trying to figure out which Star Wars shirt my dad is going to be wearing, if any. I can totally see him wearing this black one, but, on the other hand, he's the type that always gets dressed up to fly. I think that's probably a holdover from his childhood/upbringing. Does anyone else still feel like they need to wear a nice shirt and slacks to travel?

Other than that, I've been using my blogging time (and the rest of my free time!) to try to meet the ridiculous deadline I gave myself to finish my WIP. And, as my battery is about to die, I must bid you all adieu--but I promise to stay on top of blogging this week!