The One in the Fez

Hello, hello! So, as you can probably tell I'm back from that muggy, magical wonderland known as Orlando, Florida. The trip was totally nutso, but in the best possible way. Seeing that it was my first time seeing my parents in about seven or eight months and my first time leaving the city in the same amount of time, I was practically falling over myself to get down there. It was nice, direct flight and my family didn't have any trouble flying in or finding me in the airport. I also got to switch over to my new iPhone, which, let’s be real, is actually kind of bad ass. (I’ve already used Facetime twice with my mom! But I digress.) An auspicious start, right? Well, I don't think there was a day that I wasn't surrounded by tens of thousands of people, all trying to live out their fan girl and fan boy dreams. Nutso, I tell you, NUTSO! We had all of these grand plans about what we were going to do/see/accomplish, and, naturally, we did about half of them.

We started off at Epcot, which was interesting as it poured our entire drive there, only to immediately stop raining when we parked the car. Have any of you been there before? I guess that’s a stupid question—I was probably one of the last people in the world who hadn’t witnessed that enormous, golf-ball like building with my own eyes. But, hey, I grew up closer to Disneyland, so that functioned as my Magical Kingdom growing up.

Besides being depressingly hot and humid, nothing much happened at Epcot. Oh, wait, I forgot—so that Mission to Mars ride? The one with Gary Sinise (or, “hey, THAT dude” in the words of my brother)? Well, I was totally going to be Mission Commander on our space shuttle and do my cosmic duty in aiding the colonization of the red planet, but when my brother found out he was going to be the engineer, he actually shoved me out of the way and took my primo spot. I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this, except that I’m still pissed about my demotion and wanted to find some way to publicly shame him. Not sure that worked. Anyway.

fez (I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.)

Can I just say how baffled I was at the amount of alcohol they served at Epcot? I swear, it was easier to find booze than water bottles. It made the Canadian and Chinese circle-vision shows that much more entertaining!

Besides the fountain in fake Morocco bleaching the seat of my dad’s shorts when he and mom sat down for a picture, I must say it was a rather eventless day. Which was perfect because the next day was…


I already did that last post (which was full of flail and which I wrote half-blinded by the stars in my eyes), but I wanted to follow up with a few more pictures from inside the castle. Dad had his camera with him, but, unfortunately, the castle is so dark inside (~moody lighting~) and we moved through that part of the queue so fast, that the quality of them isn’t all that great. Boo! Oh well!

44997_623750072767_7605775_36064149_548571_n 45754_623750042827_7605775_36064148_5707448_n hogwarts6 hogwarts5 hogwarts4 hogwarts3 hogwarts2

Above, in no particular order, you can see part of the Gryffindor common room, the portrait hall (where the paintings interacted with one another), and the botany classroom where most of the queue line was contained.

After we hit up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter we went into the Jurassic Park section of the Islands of Adventures and found a table to eat our lunch just as the heavens opened up and it began to POUR. Monsoon weather, baby. I don’t know how we lucked out on timing with that one, but I think we must have used up all of our good luck for the day. Remember, a few entries back, how my mom fell and broken her arm/cut her forehead/did an all-around number on herself? Well, the entire time we were in Orlando, we were trying to be so careful to make sure that we were helping her down the stairs and ensuring no punks were going to come up and jostle her sling. Because of where she broke the bone (right up near her shoulder socket), they couldn’t put a cast on it—she basically has a limited range of motion, pain, and some pretty wicked bruises.

We had been doing so well with all of this… until we got off the Spiderman ride. My brother was off texting someone and my dad and I were looking at a map. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my mom putting her sunglasses on, coming towards us. Except, she completely missed the step and face-planted in the middle of the comic book section of the park. My magnificent mother managed to twist so she fell on her “good side” and ended up a little dazed with two skinned knees, but you would have thought the End Times were upon us by the way my dad panicked. “CYNDI!! CYNDII!! GET UP CYNDI!!! GET UP!!” and he moped for the rest of the day because he felt like he had ~failed her~. If there’s an upside to this story, it’s that the bored First-Aid guy ended up giving us all of these Fast Passes to use. The downside of that upside is that only my brother got to use them since my parents and I aren’t big roller coaster people.

On Wednesday we went to the other Universal Park and “finished” it by 2 PM. I’m still totally baffled by how empty the park was. That morning we were walking onto all of the rides and didn’t have to wait in line until we got to the Men In Black ride (and that was only because it kept breaking down). The dramatic moment here was that Mom’s sunglasses were flung off her body during The Mummy ride, but I think she was consoled by the fact that (SPOILER!) she got to see Brendan Fraiser being eaten alive by the Mummy at the end of it.

(I think I mentioned this before, but all of these rides without a clear, coherent story were driving me cray cray. My job has ruined me for fun!!)

Then Thursday rolled around which meant it was time for CELEBRATION V—otherwise known as my SIXTH Star Wars convention. I know, right? I just can’t quit ‘em. I don’t want to get too much into it now since I’m hoping to put together a vlog for you guys to experience (that’s right: EXPERIENCE), but… um… I totally forgot my laptop's power cord in Orlando and won't have it back until Thursday (and am too cheap to shell out $80 for a new one). At least I remembered my wand, right? Priorities, check.

I definitely feel like it deserves its own entry--four days of fun, my friends, four days of fun, stormtroopers, and my Mom stalking actors and former N*SYNC band members.

For now, how about a few pictures?

starwars6starwars5star wars1starwars3starwars2

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