The One at Celebration V

Hi boos, For your viewing pleasure... I'm sorry there's so much shaky camera work. I really need to buy myself an actual video recorder rather than just use my camera. This is mostly of the happenings in the big Exhibit Hall--I didn't go to a lot of the panels this year.

The video starts out with shots of the lines to get INTO the convention on Thursday morning. After being stuck there for about an hour, we decided just to go into the convention later for the rest of the week (we actually snuck in on time and avoided the lines, but, ermmm, that's not the Jedi way).

Last Tour to Endor, since I didn't really explain it in the video, was the last hurrah of the old Star Tours ride at Disney World. They retired it after that night and are planning on remodeling it and reworking the experience. They did this huge fireworks show later that night and timed it with the Star Wars score. Very cool!

While we were at Disney World, by the way, I discovered I'm absolutely terrified of falling from a great height. I got on Tower of Terror, put a hand over my eye, and cried the entire time. hahaha

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