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First of all, Happy Father's Day to everyone out there, but especially to my Papa B! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that my family (sans Dad, of course) pooled our money and got him his dream gift: a 3G iPad. When I called this morning, he actually answered the phone with "OH MY GOD!!!" instead of hello. It was pretty funny. :)

photo-47 (Dad with his new favorite child.}

We were so excited to give it to him and get his reaction, especially after he almost started crying in Best Buy this week when they told him they were no longer taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4G. (Really, and it only got worse when they didn't have the Blu Rays he was looking for, either.) My dad is one of the most difficult people to shop for, mostly because he goes ahead and buys himself whatever he wants when he wants it (<--I get this from him) and doesn't like to wait for us to buy it for him. So the fact that we actually gave him 1) something he really wanted and 2) were able to surprise him makes it even better.

(The best part of our conversation was when he told me, in perfect child-like joy, that he was SO EXCITED TO CARRY IT IN HIS SCOTTYVEST!! And if you have no idea what a Scottyvest is, you are definitely not alone...)

So ANYWAY. Apologies for how long it's been since I've blogged. I've been trying to wrap my head around the story I'm working on right now, to the point that I've largely been ignoring blogging, responding to emails, and, you know, interacting with humanity. :x I'm trying a new outlining system with this story--namely, notecarding it. I'm very much a visual person, so I have no idea why this didn't occur to me before now... but, wow, color-coding and forcing myself to write out the story play-by-play really helped me with all of the various character arcs:


Yellow = plot Pink = major character development Blue = major government/political development

You know what's really interesting? I managed to plot the story out perfectly into three arcs, with the arcs breaking at all the right scenes. And not only that, but the scenes that foreshadow later scenes are all right above the scene to be foreshadowed (try saying that five times fast). I can't decide it was the work of my genius subconscious or random chance, but, hey, I'll take it.

The status of this story is that it's a little less than half-written--BUT, I'm going back and revising what I have now after getting some fantastic notes. My goal is to have revisions done by July 10th and the rest of the book done by the time I leave for Florida in August (the 22nd).

I'm sure I've talked about this before, but I'm a goal-oriented person. I always feel like I need to have something I'm actively working towards--a deadline to finish a project, for example, and usually a ridiculously impossible deadline that I force myself to meet regardless of my mental well-being and physical health. I've also talked about why I felt like I got so much writing done in school: discipline. Writing was the reward for finishing all of my schoolwork and making it to the weekend. For some reason, I really did think it would translate over to me working in the real world... but, uh, it doesn't. Because I work all day, come home exhausted, vegetate, and swear I'll write before bed only to be distracted by something else or have reading for work. That's usually why I have to crash most of my writing onto my weekends... but because I've been feeling fairly uninspired and listless about my writing lately (I wouldn't call it Writers Block, but it's certainly its ugly, mean cousin staying for a visit), I haven't been getting any writing done on weekends, either.

Which is where my PSP comes in. PSP, or Public Shaming Plan, means that I'm announcing the above goals publicly in the hope that it'll get me writing to avoid the humiliation of looking like a lazy, unproductive turd if/when I don't meet them.

So that's what's up with me. Stay tuned this week, for I shall be giving away a few ARCs this week (Matched?? Nightshade?? The Eternal Ones?? The possibilities are endless!) to make up for you having to suffer through my PSP not even knowing anything about the story I'm working on.


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