The One a Year Later

It's hard to believe this, but I'm quickly approaching my one year anniversary of living life as a New Yorker. I mean, I would hardly define myself as a New Yorker-New Yorker; I take a certain amount of pride in bucking some of the most New York things about New York (very specific, I know). I'm not really part of the night scene, people have to beg me to go to Brooklyn, I don't read any of the papers or magazines, and I didn't know there was a G subway line until last week. But this afternoon, as I was getting off the subway and going home I definitely caught myself thinking, "GOD, WHEN WILL ALL OF THESE TOURISTS JUST GO HOME?!" So clearly my heart is starting to harden into a black little nugget as it settles here. ;) I think my goal for this next year is to try to find all of New York's little nooks and crannies--and not only that, but to get off the island a little more and see parts of upstate New York and maybe even go to Boston for a weekend. I still have a hard time picturing myself living here for more than a few years, mostly because the introvert in me just cries pitifully at the thought of sharing my living space with eight million other people. I love living in smaller towns, especially the ones tied closely to history. I'm constantly overwhelmed by all of the choices New York presents on all fronts: every day, I have thousands of places to eat, visit, shop... My roommates and I have been talking about whether or not we want to move when our lease is up in August but we're having a hard time deciding where to live. For some people, that probably sounds like heaven. But I'm a creature of routine and comfort--and VERY INDECISIVE!!

People are always telling me that it takes two years to really feel at home here, so I'm at least going to give it that long. I still have this little dream of moving abroad in time for the 2012 Olympics in London. As I've heard it's much easier to move over there as someone who is self-employed rather than someone seeking to steal a job from a natural born citizen. This, of course, all depends on A) my willpower and B) when I sell my next book and C) how homesick for my family I feel at the time*. Dream big, right?

* Interestingly enough, while I miss my family like you would not believe, my desire to move back to Arizona continues to shrivel. Ask me again in the freezing months of winter and you'll probably get a different story...

ANYWAY. Things have been incredibly busy at work--I actually went in about an hour early this morning to try to catch up on a few things before my boss came in. I'm waiting to hear back about some revision notes for my WIP, lost an ebay auction for a cute vintage dress, and have been watching an absurd amount of Gilmore Girls. So, business as usual around these parts.

I am a little more active over on Tumblr, if only because it's so damn fun and easy to update! Seriously, I kind of heart microblogging and sharing all of the silly memes and articles I find. Follow me if you're over there!