The Epic One

First, there's this:

H-O-L-Y CRAP does it look amazing. You know, we can complain and moan about how long it takes for them to make these movies... but they put an incredible amount of effort into making them visually stunning. I mean, there are just no words. I AM SO PUMPED!! What do you guys think?

So! What's new in your worlds? I had a total blast this weekend, thanks to my friend Sarah Maas, who took my uncultured butt to the ballet for the first time. She actually let me choose what I wanted to see: Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake. I went with Swan Lake on the strength of her recommendation, and to see the fabulous Gillian Murphy as Odette/Odile. Shall I share the awesome? I shall:

Sarah is ballet aficionado, so I learned A LOT just by sitting next to her. :) After the performance, we walked to the nearby B&N where I signed some stock, then we ventured up to the nearby Borders and visited books there, and after THAT we traded ghost stories over fro-yo. You guys probably don't know this, but SJM is a fairy princess. For real. She has the most magical, interesting things happen to her (remember a few months back when the psychic practically chased her down the street? Okay, so maybe more interesting than magical in that situation...). Really, it's cray-cray crazy. I wish some of the magic fairy dust had rubbed off on me!

I spent the rest of the weekend hard at work on my WIP. I am currently revising... CHAPTER ONE. So, clearly, I have made a lot of progress since my last update. ;) In my defense, I've had the worst writers block I've ever had these past few weeks. Don't get me wrong--I'd put down a few thousand words, only to backtrack and kill those darlings so fast it gave me whiplash. But then, it occurred to me that maybe the problem wasn't that I was starting it in the wrong place, or with the wrong scene, but that it was in the wrong tense. All along, this story has been slipping out of me in first person present, even as I was trying to write it in first person past tense. I'm going to keep playing around with it in the present tense before showing it to my readers, but it was enough to uncork my head.

Let's see... what else happened this weekend? Oh. The adorbs US team is out of the World Cup, and The NY Post pretty much had the perfect take on our national sentiment:


I mean, this from a nation that calls their baseball championship the World Series despite the fact that we're, you know, the only country participating.

Oooh! And I started reading Firelight by Sophie Jordan and I'm really digging it. The cover is beautiful in person, by the way. I can't wait to see what the final hardcover looks like with all of the pretty specs I'm sure they're going to use. :) Is anyone else reading it?

Anyway, anyway, sorry for being so quiet over here. I post like a spaz on Tumblr, which cuts back on my need to flip out and fangirl over here. I'm off to bed now--I'm feeling really under the weather and I'm hoping a good night's rest will cure me. Night, all!


Emma Watson is One Night Only's Say You Don't Want It. Awesome song + cute video - George Craig looking greasy x New York City = Alex is Happy.