The (yummy) One

Hi friends--how was your holiday weekend? I'm sad that it's now over, but summer Fridays are back in swing in the publishing industry, which means that I have a three and a half day week. Not too shabby, right? Except all of our upcoming Launch materials are due this Friday, which means I'm going to be a busy little Bracken bee all week writing up what we call titlesheets. I also get to write a little pitch for one my boss' titles and record it for the Sales force. (You phone in your speech, which breaks down the sales points of the title and describes what you like about it, and it's recorded for the reps to listen to in their cars as they drive around. Kinda clever, right?) Anyway, so a lot has happened in the last week or two. I've completely fallen behind on email and am now tasked with playing catch up. I've discovered the green tea Starbucks uses in their shaken green tea lemonade is, in fact, the Zen Tazo tea. Worked on my story. You know, the usual. But I also got to go to BEA last week!

BEA, or Book Expo America, is held in the Javits Center (it's all the way on the 11th Avenue--and, I kid you not, on the opposite end of the island from where I live). Really, the place is just MASSIVE, and there are so many people milling around with huge bags of books (this is not quite as fun as it sounds, I must confess) that it's hard not to feel overwhelmed. The whole experience was really interesting to me. Yes, there are so many bloggers and industry types to meet and see, and there are free books (but not as many as in years past, I am told), but it's impossible to do everything and see everyone and get everything you want to. To give you an idea how just how many people go, I'm pretty sure I saw my agent and walked RIGHT PAST HER without realizing it until I was halfway across the exhibition hall. Oi vey!

I was able to go thanks to work; I volunteered from about 8 to 10 passing out tickets for free galleys of a soon-to-be-popular YA novel. I spent about fifteen minutes earnestly pitching the book to people before giving up and just starting to pass the tickets out, silent and smiling. Like a robot. (And it worked--trust me. I went through about three stacks of tickets in the time it took for my coworkers to get through one.) And yes, I have plenty of galleys and I promise to give some (if not most!) of them away. I wish I could say I took a million and a half pictures to share with you, but after spending the entire day there, I ended up with three (LOL):


The paparazzi hounding She of Royal Shame, Fergie, as she signed her bizarre children's books.


Standing at one of the autograph tables and facing the lines beginning to form for the next round of autographs...

And this, because clearly baby triceratops take precedent over famous authors and the literary elite:


(Seriously, you should check out Dia's blog, if only because she has pictures from our Tenner lunch, in which we ate on the ground and had a merry, grand time of it.)

Anyway--my other major accomplishment? Since it's my brother's 20th birthday and he's leaving to go to summer school, I thought it might be nice to bake him some cookies.

Bright green mint chocolate chip cookies!


They are kind of the teenage mutant ninja turtles of chocolate chip cookies, huh? But delicious!

Ahhh, I'm off to do some work reading, but I wanted to mention that I'm going to leave the Egmont contests open through the week. Feel free to keep entering!