The One With a Few Things I Love

Ah, busy week, peeps. I can't believe it's already Thursday! We've been suffering through a weird cold spell (and by cold, of course I mean like 45 degrees... so relative cold) here in the city, but I think we should be coming out of it pretty soon. Hopefully by this weekend? I haven't done a Things I Love Thursday in a really long time... my bad! I went back and forth on whether I should do a Things I Love Thursday or Thankful Thursday (busy day at the office, eh?), only to realize that I'm inherently thankful for the things I love... so there.



People, this is hands down the funniest show on TV right now. My mom tried to get me to start watching it when it first came on, but I (foolishly) resisted for a while. This is pretty much the exact moment I fell in love with the series:

Cam and Gloria are my two favorite characters. Cam, for his relationship with Lilly and his "I JUST WUNNA DAHNCE AT THE BALLEH" moments, and Gloria for basically being the perfect woman. (Her battle with the dog butler is probably my favorite MF episode.)

♥ Not quite sure I *loved* it, but I finished I AM NUMBER FOUR last night and really enjoyed it.


I mean, the premise of it is cool, and I have some serious title envy, but this book has to have some of the least imaginative and descriptive kissing scenes in the world. Because clearly I read stories about aliens and the destruction of worlds for the kissing scenes. I'm not really sure what else to say about this book, other than it's completely appropriate that Michael Bay is producing the film. And because the film is already in production and (most) of the leads are cast, I kept picturing Dianna Agron (scary good casting choice) and Alex Pettyfer (super hot, thereby nullifying actual relevance to descriptions in the book) and the guy from District 9 (only to have my mind blown two days ago when I found out he was replaced by Timothy Olyphant ... I think Sharlto Copley was the better choice, but what can you do?) They're giving out galleys of this at BEA, for those of you that'll be there. :)

This piece on censorship and angry letters by the absurdly wonderful Dan Gutman.

♥ For the ladies: Hot Guys Reading Books. Though let's be honest, some of the books are far more handsome than the men.

♥ For the LOSTies: Lost Verticals. (Roommate J and I are OBSESSED.)

♥ Castiel on Supernatural, mascot of Team Free Will. (Seriously, introducing him on the show? Best decision ever.)

♥ The song All the Same to Me by Anya Marina:

I think that's enough for today. What are you lovin' lately?

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