The One with Miss Bradshaw

So! I meant to blog about this earlier, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise for my sister. :) I found out that Candace Bushnell was going to be signing at the Union Square B&N for THE CARRIE DIARIES, and thought it might be fun to go and get her autograph :) I ended up having her sign a copy of THE CARRIE DIARIES for my sister and a copy of SEX AND THE CITY for my mom (I also got a signed copy for me, but I kind of wish I had remembered to get a signed copy to give away here on the blog). I felt really guilty about bringing up three books for her to sign... until I saw the old dudes at the front of the line with at least ten copies they were going to sell on eBay as soon as they got home.

Anyway, I always forget that you're supposed to actually BUY the book before you have the author sign it, so I ended up losing my awesome seat, which meant I also was stuck at the end of the signing line. Oh well! Candace Bushnell was very funny and gracious, considering she had been up since four or five that morning.


She read a short passage from the book and did CHARACTER VOICES!! I love authors that aren't afraid to do this :) And I'm not sure if I just imagined it or what, but CB's reading voice sounds so much like SJP's reading voice that it was almost scary.


I did feel a little sorry for her during the Q&A portion, mostly because the second question she was asked (after whether or not she thought this would spawn a movie or TV series) was this super involved, snippy question that basically accused her of misunderstanding what it means to be a feminist and asking her to reconcile how Carrie could be considered one when all she wants are pretty shoes and rich men. And then someone else asked her the same question about ten minutes later. I thought it was to her credit she didn't throw a shoe at them.

Oh, and the packaging on this book is RIDICULOUS!! Metal detailing, stamped, an interesting texture. Very cool, I must say, and totally explains why the book is $18.99 (about $2 more than most YA novels that length).

Anyway, I started the book last night while I was taking a quick writing break, and I'm really enjoying it. I remember everyone being so skeptical when the deal was first announced, but it's been getting good reviews in all the trade magazines, and I have to agree that the book is a lot of fun.

So what's up for you guys on this Saturday? I'm trying to be a good little writing machine, since I didn't get much writing done during the week. I'm creeping up on 50k, which should mean I'm more than halfway done (but it never feels that way). I'm glad to have finally hit my stride with this bad boy. I keep wanting to post a teaser for it, but I'm very superstitious about the whole thing. :)