The One with the Weekend (FINALLY)

'Sup Party People?


1. This morning was an Epically Bad morning, if only because I accidentally overslept and almost walked off the subway platform. Because of allergies, my eyes have been very, very sensitive to my contact solution, so when I put them in this morning it felt like MY EYEBALLS WERE ON FIRE!!! I didn't bother putting any make up on, and all of the people I was crammed into the train with were asking me if I was okay because my eyes were just DRIPPING NONSTOP. I walked all the way to work with only one eye open. So... not a great way to start the day. By the way, this story was a whole lot funnier in my head. I've downgraded it to "Still a little funny, but mostly sad and pathetic."

2. Have you guys heard this magic yet:

It's probably my favorite Glee cover of all time. I love it more than Don't Stop Believing, which I didn't think was possible. The only problem is that every time I hear Like a Prayer I immediately substitute the lyrics to the Kappa Kappa Gamma version that we used to sing during Rush. Choice sample: When Kappa calls your name / it's like a little prayer / we're down on our knees / we want you to come here / in the Pref Night hour / you can feel our power / just like a prayer / we want you to come here. High quality, right? ;)

3. Have you guys heard about the ginormous volcano that erupted in Iceland? Well, it kind of screws up everyone's plans for the London Book Fair. I mean, volanic ash. The poor publishing industry just can't catch a break.

4. If you love Fantasy, check out Part 2 of Enchanted Inkpot's 1st Anniversary Contest. That magnificent bounty could very well be yours, friends! Enter, enter, enter!