The One with the Sunshine

It is SO LOVELY outside right now, guys. I had to walk a few blocks up to Staples to return something, and I was skipping in my high heels. I experience a slight sunny day fail when I left my sunglasses at home, but it's hard to feel annoyed when it's 86 degrees outside in APRIL! If I were in Arizona right now (and I really should stop saying that as I haven't really lived in Arizona in almost five years) it would have been in the 80s weeks ago, but in NYC it's somewhat rare for April. A few people around me were complaining about how hot they were walking around, and, after I gave them the Evil Eye, it reminded me of the most random thing. In first grade, when I was but a wee Bracken, we had to do this measurement exercise. A sample question would have been something like, "What would you measure a pencil in: inches or feet?" One of the questions was, "What is your perfect temperature?" (or some such). My answer was 84 degrees, but I lost points on the question. My teacher wrote, "Don't you think that's a little warm?"

Warm? Like the 120 degree summer days? Man, I'm still so annoyed I lost points on that question!

I also saw this on my walk:


Not sure why a ginormous statue of Hello Kitty is doing in Midtown Manhattan, but I'm not going to question it. I also love all the people sitting under HK tanning in their nice work clothes. Good times!

I can't believe we're in the swing of April... I'm really excited for publishing's summer hours to start. One of the industry's weird little traditions is that from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we get half days on Friday. But lest you think we have it made--we make up the time by staying an extra half hour every other day of the week. :)

I'd also like to say a quick thank you to everyone who's read Brightly Woven and sent me emails, tweets, and messages about it! It's one thing to have a book published, but it's a whole 'nother thing to actually have people read it! I'm still working through my emails, but you should hear back from me soon. I'm also a tad bit behind on sending out signed bookmarks, but I promise I won't forget!

The number one question get asked: Will there be a sequel?

Honestly? I'm not sure. It depends on a lot of factors. I hope that there'll be a sequel, or at least another book set in Syd and North's world, but it's very much up in the air at this point. I hope I'll have some kind of definitive answer for you sooner rather than later, and I'm sorry to have to be so vague about it! What are all of YOUR thoughts on a sequel? On one hand, I like that Brightly Woven can and is a standalone title in a time when everything is a series... on the other hand, I just love the characters and world to itty bitty pieces. But what about you?

Hope your day was as filled with as much sunshine as mine was!