The One with the OTHER Bookstore

Ack! Sorry friends! I didn't mean to go so long without posting. I still haven't quite recovered from my Hunger Games readathon last weekend (in fact, I was just telling Roommate H that I think it's the reason I had no appetite on Friday and Saturday--I was so nervous and stressed about what was going to happen next that I just... forgot to eat). Combine that with a busy work week and a general brain-dead nature due to allergies, I haven't had much of anything to say. Well, I always have something to say, but how interesting it all is tends to be debatable... Yesterday I popped out of the office to run a few errands at lunch. First stop was Staples to find the mythical silver sharpie that would let me sign my bookmarks and actually send them out. I have been to Staples more times in the past two weeks (for a work project) than I have IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! We have an Office Max at home, and I was totally the kid that loved shopping for school supplies (notebooks!! agendas!! highlighters!! POST IT NOTES SHAPED LIKE HEARTS!!) and had to test out the grip of pens before I could use them. My ability to organize my school supplies has always been both astounding and terrifying. Anyway, anyway. The best thing about Staples were the little desk candy containers. I bought one of Red Swedish Fish... and they are all gone now. All gone. :(

(I would go back to buy some more, but one of the Staples employees actually recognized me while I was in there yesterday, and I'm still trying to live that down. I'm also kind of worried that they're going to think I'm staking the place out for a possible future crime--and you think I'm kidding, but one of the security guards actually checked my receipt on the way out. I mean, I know I was looking a little rough that day, but not suspect! There were ninjas in Midtown, so I guess anything is possible.

Second stop was Borders, which was about one block up. Did I mention that I decided to wear heels to work yesterday? I've had these navy blue shoes for years, but I only really got around to wearing them for an extended period of time yesterday. Readers, I struggled. It was epic. I'm talking RELEASE THE KRAKEN epic. I don't know if the shoes had stretched out, or my feet had shrunk, or if they had always been too big to begin with, but I kept stepping out of those babies about every ten steps. Which was problematic, especially when I was crossing the streets that didn't have WALK signals (but did have cabbies that would gleefully turn their windshieldwipers on to clean my corpse off and keep driving). Really, I almost took them off, it was that bad (and embarassing).

By the time I got to Borders, I was already frustrated. I went in to look for Watership Down, a book I'm re-reading for my current WIP. I'm not sure if it was just that Borders or if all Borders are like this now, but it was SO! FRUSTRATING! to navigate. Honestly, I thought it was pretty clear the company has been struggling financially, if only because they had what felt like two floors filled with media products instead of books. And the actual adult literature? Totally hidden around two corners. So well hidden, in fact, that I didn't think the books were actually there. The children's section was much better (Borders has significantly increased the amount of kids books they carry, probably to offset the lower sales of adult books?), but, alas, no Brightly Woven for me to pet.

I did find the one copy of Watership Down they had (after being led through what felt like five different sections, but was probably only one--I don't know, I felt like I was about to go Hunger Games on someone. Like, the only person who could actually get their book and come out of the store alive had to take out every other customer vying for the Borders employee's attention first, otherwise perish due to exhaustion and despair). I think I've been around kids books for too long, because I totally forgot that adult books are priced MUCH HIGHER. The paperback price was $16, which was about twice as much as it would be for a middle grade book (between $8-$9), and roughly equivalent to a YA hardcover under 420 pages. Bananas, I tell you, bananas!

And so ends my sad, sorry tale...

P.S. I'm trying to get Anna Jarzab to do a vlog with me about working in the industry, but she's shy! Maybe you guys could convince her to do it? :)