The One with the Goods

SO. I finished Catching Fire on Friday. Talk about a weird day--I went straight from work to B&N in Union Square and ended up seeing Bradley Cooper filming his new movie. He smiled at all of us commoners gaping on the other side of the road and disappeared too fast for me to snap a picture. I assure you he is just as pretty in person. Anyway, Catching Fire! I'm still pulling my thoughts together about it. Honestly, I read it so fast that I felt like I swallowed the book whole. I might do a post about it later, but I'm still firmly Team Peeta, even after all the Gale/Katniss lovey dovey stuff. SPOILERS: I fear for Peeta GREATLY, not just because I'm worried the Capitol will turn him into an avox (since his power resides largely in his ability to speak) or brainwash him or bake his guts into a cake to send to Katniss, but also because he struck me as so Christ-like in the second book. I'm very interested to see if being around Gale will force Katniss to realize her feelings for Peeta--absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? ;)

Anyway, I've mentally cast Kaya Scodelario as Katniss:


She has an inherent toughness to her--she's a little cold, a little reserved, but still uniquely pretty. I think it works!

And William Mosely as Peeta:


I'm sorry to say I have ZERO mental images of Gale. The way Katniss describes him (because she actually has to break it down in one scene in CF BECAUSE HE IS NEVER IN EITHER BOOK ARRGGHH) just brought to mind this:


Which is sort of terrifying, because now I'm wondering if I default on Prince Eric whenever I read a character is tall, dark, and handsome.

I do have a few interesting theories about Madge Undersee and her mother playing a role in the rebellion, as well as Gale and Katniss' fathers, but I shall save those for another entry. Thank you for humoring my crazy talk. We shall now move on.

On Friday night, I got to see one of my favorite bands in concert: Florence + The Machine. Oh my goooood, you guys!! She is AMAZING live. My friends and I were blown away, not just by her stellar voice and her wispy-Kate-Bush-Wuthering-Heights coat she was wearing, but also the amazing lighting and the band and the venue.... SO GOOD.

Here's a little Flo for your Sunday:

(By the way, this has to be the most bizarre video I've seen in a while... oh, Flo Coco. I hope the one for my favorite song of hers, Cosmic Love is better!)

We had a Twilight/New Moon drinking game last night with... uh... milk and water, yes, milk and water, and let me just tell you that you should never, ever add "Drink whenever Edward or Bella stares open mouth at each other" to the list BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT THROUGH THE FIRST HALF OF TWILIGHT. A little life lesson from Auntie Alex.

And, finally: I'm pulling together a few deleted scenes from Brightly Woven for a project, and I wanted to share at least one of them with you. It's from the second draft of the story--and is VERY ROUGH AND UNEDITED--but it was my dad's favorite scene before it got cut to keep the pace of the story zipping along. You can read it here. :)