The One with the Amazing Contest

Alas, I am a little late posting this! It was my roommate's birthday last night, so after work I rushed around to find flowers, brownie mix, and a card. Better late than never, right?? So a while back the lovely Leah Cypess asked if I wanted to cohost a contest for our High Fantasy Spring babies. Of course I said yes, because--I'll let you in on a not-so-secret secret--her MISTWOOD is AMAZING! In case you don't believe me, it just got a starred review in KIRKUS:

"A traditional premise is transformed into a graceful meditation on the ramifications of loyalty, duty and purpose... Astonishing and inspiring."

They basically wrote a love letter to her! So you should be SUPER PUMPED because Leah is giving away a signed copy and a few signed bookmarks!! And, slightly less exciting, the winner will also get a signed copy of BRIGHTLY WOVEN and signed bookmarks from me!


The rules to enter are pretty simple (and familiar)!

+ 1 For commenting on this entry + 2 For posting about the contest on Twitter or Facebook + 3 For becoming a fan of our books on Facebook (Mistwood is here and Brightly Woven is here) + 4 For blogging about it

Easy enough? Contest ends on MISTWOOD's release date: APRIL 27th at 9 PM