The One with Some Advice

My dad and I were talking earlier (I called to confirm that it was Celebration III that we all gave the middle finger to George Lucas) and he casually mentioned to me that he and the women he works with were reading all of Brightly Woven's reviews on Amazon. He also casually mentioned his willingness to send death threats to the people who left bad reviews. Which, awww, thanks Dad! But seriously:


Haters gonna hate. There is nothing I can do about it, and nothing I particularly WANT to do about it (except, you know, crawl under the covers for a good cry). Part of being a writer is accepting the awful feelings that come with rejection and criticism. And, let's face it, people are a lot braver and nastier when they have the internet to shield their identity.

I don't read my reviews anymore, unless someone sends it to me directly. I'm also almost never on GoodReads, which has done a world of good for my sanity. (Except for the fact that Google keeps thwarting me and giving me BW's rating average there whenever I google it.)

So remember, people: haters gonna hate. Just ignore them and do your thing.