The One with Mr. Squirrely M. Nutterson

1. Ack! Sorry, guys! I just realized LJ wasn't sending me comment notifications. I'll try to catch up and respond this weekend. I really did think no one was commenting... 2. Today is such a bright, happy Friday. Really, I always say that (allegeries and tourists aside) NYC wears spring really well. It was an especially happy Friday because I got to have lunch with the lovely Sarah J. Maas. I'll pause for a moment so you can stew in jealousy. ;) We went to Maria Pia all the way over on Eighth Avenue and feasted on pasta. In fact, I think our waiter was surprised by how vehemently we both turned down a starter salad. I believe my exact words were "Nope, just bring us the carbs" and he started laughing and said, "Okay, okay. I'll bring you a bread basket!"

Sarah also had a run in with a psychic who read her aura. I think I'm going to let her tell that story, though. Hehehe

3. I'm the type of person that gets something in their mind and can't let go of it until it's done/in my hands. I guess I inherited this from my dad, but I still haven't figured out if it's a good or bad trait. :p It resulted in me walking six avenues in the rain to get my Clarisonic Pro set RIGHT NOW RIGHT AWAY on Wednesday. (I talked myself into it because of the Philosophy products. They are my weakness.) Anyway, can I just say how in love I am with the brush? I want to hug it every time I see it on its little charger. I've been using for for three days and my skin has visibly improved and is so, so, so very soft. Honestly, wonderful. Definitely worth the investment for me. I just wanted to follow up, since I saw a few of you were also curious/considering buying one.

4. Oh, God, and yesterday? So let me preface this by saying that my life is a little pathetic at the moment. The highlight of my week is the Thursday or Friday I buy myself a Veggie Fajita bowl from Chipotle for dinner. Last night, while I was on the L train headed home, I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to buy Chipoodle or wait until Friday (such major life decisions, I know). Anyway, because I wasn't all that hungry yet, I stopped at Union Square and did some damage with my tax rebate check. :) I walked up from the subway and was like, "I know what I want! I want SUMMER DRESSES!!"

I ended up buying four dresses and a really cool looking houndstooth-y tank top.

Okay, so I'm very tall, right? 5'10"-ish. None of the dresses at F21 are long enough for me to wear (and I'm kind of getting to the age now that I probably don't want to be wearing F21 dresses...), so I really had no luck finding anything there. There's a Filene's Basement right next door (Filene's is sort of the ugly stepsister of Nordstrom Rack, I must say...), where I DID have luck. Now, let me preface this by saying that I've resisted the maxi dress trend for years. Part of it is that I feel like I'm too tall to pull it off (as opposed to Roommate H, who feels too short; surely Roommate J must be just right??), and I know the dresses will never really hit quite right when I wear them... but I kind of love this dress:


Which is ESPECIALLY weird because I tend to be a solid-colors-mostly-black-wardrobe kind of girl. I bought it, only because I couldn't bear the thought of not shelling out for it. Even though the cashier went on for ten minutes about how obsessed with it she was and how she was going to, and I quote, "cut a bitch" if there weren't any left in her size, I'm still feeling a little unsure. What say you, readers?

5. And then I actually went and got that Chipoodle, only the burrito artisans must have seen the rabid hunger written all over my face because they gave me--I kid you not--a three pound burrito bowl. And THEN, as if the universe was trying to give me a sign, I saw the fattest squirrel I HAVE EVER SEEN:


And on that note, Happy Weekend!