The One with Dinero

I finally got my tax refund check in the mail! This is one of those gloriously adult moments, because even though I didn't actually process my taxes (thanks Dad!), I still had to pay an absurd amount of money. Part of the problem is that I had three states (Virginia, Arizona, and New York) and one city (NYC) claiming, not to mention trying to figure out how to swing my advance money for Brightly Woven and writerly expenses (I have to be better about keeping track of these). Anyway, that's all to say I have money to spend! 1. First things first, I need to pay down (or off) my credit card bill. Not quite as fun as getting to spend my money, I must say, but a must!

2. My flight to Orlando for the Star Wars convention this summer. I'm also planning on going back to Arizona for the Fourth of July, but I'll probably wait and book that ticket later.

3. A few stuff for Spring/Summer: This Chambray shirt from AE, and probably these sandals. (As I type this, I suddenly wonder if I'm too old to be shopping at American Eagle...) I'm all about the chambray lately--my mom used to wear one all the time when I was young (and wore Wayfarers for years and years and years), so it makes me feel all squishy and happy inside to see that it's back in style. And I'm possibly going to buy a nice, sensible pair of summer tennis shoes for walking around the city or when I want to steal my roommate's bike and go for a ride.

4. The Clarisonic Pro brush. I got so excited when I heard about this and immediately called my mom to ask if she had heard of it... and I believe her exact words were, "Honey, I've been using one of those for about a year." Geeze, thanks for sharing the wealth! Anyway, I kind of want to give this system a go--does anyone else have experience with it?

5. A birthday present for my dad. Still working on this one...

The rest needs to go in my depleted savings account! Woe is me, to live in such an expensive city and love shopping so, so much...

Happy weekend, everyone! ♥

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