The One that is a hot mess

First, a song I am terribly into right now:

I spent almost all weekend writing, which was both a good and a bad thing. Good, because I obviously made progress in the story I'm working on. Bad, because, as my roommate pointed out to me, she didn't see me emerge from my room until Sunday night. By the end, I think I probably had more sugar and Mountain Dew running through my veins than blood. I also tend to think everything I write between the hours of 2 AM and 4 AM is hilarious, only to re-read it in the afternoon and bang my head against my desk.

I'm this story is so different from Brightly Woven that I'm a little worried about it. For me, it's much easier to actually sit down and create a fictional world than it is to try to adapt our world to suit my needs. :) It's also intended for an older audience and has... *gasp* swear words! I'm particularly worried about that aspect, given that so many people cite BW's "clean" nature as one of the reasons they enjoyed it so much. Well, let's be honest here--there's a chance no one will ever read this but me, so I should probably stop worrying, right?

In other unrelated news: someone I grew up with, namely Ike Davis, just had his Major League debut with The Mets! And, even better, he did great (which, for anyone who knows him even just a little, is to be expected)! It's been especially surreal since I live in NYC--I kept hearing people talking about him on the subway and in the elevator at work. The general consensus is that they all like Ike. :) I called my dad last night about it, and he remembers him from when we played YMCA basketball together in first grade. I think it's okay to finally admit now that I totally had a crush on him when I was little. ;)

What's weird is that I don't think he and I ever talked in middle school or high school, except during Project Graduation when he turned around and gave me a big hug before he left for the night. (I believe the exact conversation was: Him: Aw, Alex Bracken, we've been friends FOREVER! *hug* Me: ... are you drunk? O_o). Anyway, anyway, I'm rambling. I guess his story is affecting me on one level because I know him (or, more accurately, knew him), but also because it seems to signify that the kids I graduated high school with are now DOING stuff with their lives. I'll just finish by saying that he's been an amazing athlete for as long as I've known him, and I'm excited to see where he goes in his career. And, also? Thank God he doesn't play for the Yankees!

In even more unrelated news, did you hear the one about the poor dude that lost the new iPhone, thereby exposing all of its upgrades before Steve Jobs could give a conference about it? Yikes. Prayer circle time.

Check back later tonight for a contest! I, being a total spaz, forgot to make the banner for it last night, but you'd better believe I'm on it like white on rice tonight.