The One with the Warning

This is a warning, to people like you. Who think that it's okay to drive a knife repeatedly into an industry that's already dying.

To take money from authors and publishers, because you feel like you're entitled to have things for free.

Because you don't think it's stealing, or because you think that one little download won't affect anyone.

I'm giving you a warning now, before my book hits shelves on Tuesday:

If you post illegal links to my book online I will find you. I will be on you like a demon in the night, and my eyes will burn with the eternal fires of hell as I gleefully report you to my publisher, the company that hosts your website, and your Internet Service Provider. See, what you might not know is that I'm actually quite skilled in hunting down torrents and downloads. I know exactly what sites to search, how you might try to disguise the file format and the file name, and who to tell when I find them. I will make your life miserable, and I will most likely enjoy it immensely.

You want a free book?

Try the library.