The One with the Grrrr

I realize that not everyone who reads my blog is a reviewer, author, or industry person, so I think this post needs a quick explanation. An ARC, which is sometimes called a galley or an ARE, are advanced, uncorrected copies of books. They resemble a paperback, though the covers on them and their interiors are unfinished or works in progress. They're sent out to reviewers to get advanced reviews, used to build up buzz before a release, etc. They are not something that you could or should buy or resell, not only because it hurts the publisher, but because it hurts the author was well. So, you can imagine that I was a little peeved about this. I understand the urge to make a few bucks on the side, but you would have to be blind to miss the whole THIS IS NOT FOR SALE tags all over the book. This happens all the time, unfortunately, and several very famous bookstores are notorious for selling the ARCs that they receive... there's not a whole lot you can do but report the person.

I, however, have several things to say about this:

1. People, I have Google Alerts on "Brightly Woven." Most of it is weird crafty stuff, but if you post a galley on Ebay, I'm going to find out about it.

2. $20.00, plus $3 of shipping and handling? People, the book is $16.99--don't pay an extra $5 just to read an advanced copy early (one, I might add, that is still rough and doesn't contain the beautimus map). It's $11.50 on Amazon!! If you're going to resell a galley, at least try to match Amazon's price!

3. Can I talk about the "Report this Listing" option on Amazon for a minute? Because it's providing me endless amusement this morning.

I can't find the right thing to select for the galley, but I did discover that you can't sell the following on Ebay:

- Government and transit IDs and uniforms - Artifacts - Coins, Stamps, and coupons - Animals and plants - Teacher’s edition text books - Human body parts - Lock picking devices

(In other words, terrorists, master thieves, cheating students, organ harvesting goblins, and Indiana Jones are SOL.)

I can't even imagine half of the stuff that turns up in the bowels of Ebay, but if you ever see a galley/ARC listed, please do the author a favor and report it!

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