The One with the Friendly Reminder

Hi guys and gals--just a reminder that the two big Brightly Woven contests I'm running are ending TOMORROW! At 8 AM! You can find the info for my Big Damn Contest here, as well as enter to win the GoodReads contest here. Judging by the number of people who've entered on GoodReads, you probably have a better chance of winning the BDC here on either or my livejournal. Also, while I really appreciate all of the review and interview requests, I don't think I can fulfill anymore. I feel really bad about this, but my work load at the moment is like a monster, and one that I can't, unfortunately get to leave me alone by bribing him with cookies. I promise that I'll be sending back interview questions that have already been emailed to me by the end of the week! If you don't hear from me, just send me a follow up email--the one thing I hate about Gmail is that it doesn't let me organize my 23098402934 million emails, so some things fall through the cracks. I'm working on it!

I had dinner with one of my college friends last night, who did his friendly duties by asking me about the book release, what signings I'm doing, when and where can he find it... and I just kind of stared at him blankly. I keep forgetting that it's coming out next week--next week!!!--and I still feel like I have all the time in the world to get things ready and prepare myself and bank account for the amount of mailing I'm about to do. Nope. According to my helpful little countdown widget, I have 8 days. Say it with me now: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

After dinner we walked to the ginormous Barnes & Noble at Union Square, in the vain hope that they might have put it out early. No dice. But if you do happen to see it in the wild, let a girl know, will you?

I know you must all be sick to death of hearing about BW, and my last blog posts have been all "Me, me, me WOE IS ME, me, meatball Spagettios, me, me, UGH SNOW," but I have to share the conversation I had with my mom yesterday morning:

Mom: So I ordered a few of your books on Amazon... Me: How many? Mom: Oh, you know, a couple. I'm going to bring a copy to each of your high school English teachers, and your counselor, and-- Me: WHAT THE WHAT? Mom: I'm going to bring a couple copies of the book to your high school and put them in your old teachers' inboxes. That way they'll tell their classes about you and more people will buy your book! Isn't that a good idea? Your sister is also writing a press--oh excuse me, news--release for the local papers and I'm contacting the Junior League's newsletter. Me: IF YOU BRING THOSE BOOKS TO THE HIGH SCHOOL I WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOU FOR A WEEK. Mom: Whyyyy? I think they'd like to see the book! Me: NO. NO. NO. NO. YOU NO LONGER HAVE CHILDREN GOING THERE. YOU WILL BE TRESPASSING. I WILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU. Mom: You seem to forget that I'm the original evil, sneaky one in this family...