The One with my #1 Girl Crush

Can you say presh? I love this girl! (Psst, that's Tilly & The Wall singing back up on this track. Awesome x infinity.)

I went to dinner tonight with Anna tonight in the West Village. Er, I'm not entirely sure how our dinner ended up being so expensive, but I suspect that it had something to do with the delicious raspberry margarita I had! I don't know what it is about Mexican food that can make me clean a plate that's meant to feed two people, but there you go. I can eat my weight in enchiladas.

Wandering around 4th Street made realize that, despite the fact that I live in the East Village, I've only ever been to the West Village once. In November of 2008. Kinda ridiculous, right? I mean, it's a hop, skip, and a jump away, but I'm kind of intimidated by the thought of navigating that part of the city. It's gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but the streets are just... crazytown. And I have a hard enough time determining what direction I'm walking in when the streets are built on a grid. It really goes to show that even though Manhattan isn't all that big, after a year of living here, there's still so much more I need to get off my butt and discover.

Did I mention that Spring is finally here? At least I hope it is... it's been in the mid to upper 50's here in the city, and while that would have qualified as "WINTER" in Arizona, it's amazing what a few months of "feels like 5 degrees" weather can do to a girl. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop--because there is no way that I would ever be so lucky as to get an early Spring that heralds in gloriously warm weather a month and a half before it usually appears. I expect at least one more big cold snap, but can we please be done with snow? Please?

(I keep trying to work up the courage to go out in the morning without wearing tights, but I'm not quite brave enough to do it yet.)

One last thing: I'd like to direct you to this very worthwhile giveaway. You can win a Brightly Woven inspired clutch and help with the Chilean earthquake relief!