The One the Day After

Oh, so I should probably tell you about my actual day yesterday, and not just wax poetic about my book's journey into being and get all blubbery and gushy with you. So, actual day: 7:00 AM: Wake up 20 minutes early, hoping that means I'll get to work early enough to run to the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Ave before work starts for the day

7:30 AM: Put my contacts in, spend the next twenty minutes trying to get my eyes to stop watering (allergies, not OMGBOOKBABY!! tears, unfortunately).

8:00 AM: Get to L train station, only to be told that I'd have to wait 15 minutes for the next train.

8:05 AM: Curse the Fates

8:07 AM: Wonder if I should maybe, possibly take the bus to Union Square and a different subway line uptown. Decide not to.

8:30 AM: Finally get on a train

8:50 AM: Too late to visit book baby--decide I'll go at lunch

10:30 AM: Surprise sparkling cider party with my team! Really touched, but also feeling really stupid for falling for the whole "We need to go over our backlist titles, let's meet in Team Leader's office" trick again. Will never trust coworker ever again when she says we need to discuss backlist.

12:15 PM: Realize I won't have time to visit book baby in B&N because I'm having lunch with the other editorial assistants. Think to myself that maybe I can get out early and run the 7 blocks and make it back before our lunch hours are over.

12:30 PM: Surprise celebration with cupcakes, my favorite fellow assistants, and more sparkling cider! Also, an incredible hand-made card. Incredible for the fact someone actually put considerable effort into it.

1:05 PM: Back at the desk, thinking I HAVE to get work done. Promising myself I'll go visit book baby at 5 PM exactly when I get off work. In the meantime, visit Twitter to see all of the incredible book messages. Feel really special.

1:20 PM: Feel even more special because my coworkers brought me another cupcake and copies of the book for me to sign. They bought out the stock at the Fifth Avenue B&N and made them reorder more copies. Am sad that I won't get to visit it there now, but am thinking it would be pretty sweet to publish a book every day, if only for the cupcakes.

3:30 PM: Realize my phone is off and suddenly get fifteen happy text messages.

3:31 PM: Email from Anna: Want to grab dinner? Uh yes, but only if we can visit our books in the Union Square Barnes & Noble!

4:00-5:30 PM: Attempt to write bound galley copy. Fail. Check Twitter again.

6:00 PM FINALLY get to see my book on the shelf! And what's this? Only a few copies left? And Anna buys one? And while we're standing there, two more people I know walk up and buy one? So that there's only one left and B&N will have to reorder?

6:30 PM: Grab dinner, gossip about books and authors with Anna

8:45 PM: Finally head home! Find cute sign and present from Roommate H. Present being, of course, delicious wine.

9:00 PM: Watch LOST moonlight as a telenovela for an hour. Wonder if the island really is just a cork. Wonder why episode is not featuring Jears.

11:00 PM: Roommates are home and we drink aforementioned wine!

12:20 AM: Post the weepy blog post you most likely read this morning.

12:45 AM: Crash into bed

And that's all to say: THANK YOU!! to everyone for making release day so special. ♥